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Gluten-free pasta bake

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ontrack321 Wed 15-Aug-18 13:56:48

Can anyone advise if I should boil gluten-free pasta before using it in a pasta bake? Odd question, but I had a delicious gluten-free one on holiday and the chef said the secret was to not cook the pasta first, so presumably it went in dry and the tomato sauce softened it up as it baked. However, now googling a few recipes and they all say to boil first.
Any advice that will help ensure tonight's dinner isn't a disaster would be very much appreciated!

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spanishwife Wed 15-Aug-18 14:02:21

I would boil for at least half the amount of time stated on the packet. Then make sure your sauce is more watery than usual to allow for it to cook into the pasta. You'll also need to bake for longer than you would boil IFYSWIM... I would do it for half an hour.

spanishwife Wed 15-Aug-18 14:02:57

Thing about cooking is that get to get good at it, it's all about trial and error!

Ricekrispie22 Wed 15-Aug-18 16:58:14

Perhaps the chef used fresh pasta? I've always cooked the pasta until al dente, drained and rinsed briefly in cold water.

extinctspecies Wed 15-Aug-18 19:50:43

Gluten free pasta goes mushy if you overcook it, so I would suggest boiling it for just a short time first.

How long is it in the oven for?

TomHardysNextWife Wed 15-Aug-18 19:52:42

Yes I part cook it when I do my granddaughters one and don't tend to make the sauce really wet. They come out perfect.

ontrack321 Thu 16-Aug-18 11:24:48

Thank you so much for your replies. I went with part-cooking it and it came out perfect!

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extinctspecies Thu 16-Aug-18 11:34:18

Great stuff. Is there a coeliac in your family?

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