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Bulgur wheat recipes

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tulipbee Thu 09-Aug-18 11:27:45

We go to a lovely Persian restaurant that serves an amazing bulgur wheat cooked in a bit of tomato, which my daughter and I love. I've never cooked bulgur wheat before - does anyone know what this recipe is and how to cook it ? Thanks

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TommyandGina Thu 09-Aug-18 11:47:49

I've cooked it previously with stock, finely chopped onion and a squeeze of tomato purée, was ok but not like restaurants I've eaten in. Following with interest in case someone comes up with the solution.

peachypetite Thu 09-Aug-18 12:00:55

We eat a lot of this in my family (Turkish Cypriot)
You need some chopped tomato too.

mzzzf Wed 22-Aug-18 14:07:30

It sounds like pourgouri, which is what it’s calked in Cyprus but has its other names over the Middle East.
It’s a great alternative to pasta, rice etc.

Fry half an onion in oil in saucepan
Dollop of tom purée
Crushed vermicelli nest in
Cup of bulghar wheat
And stir to coat.
Good punch or two of salt
Then add two cups hot water. Stir, lid on, heat off. Leave for 15mins.
Separate with fork.

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