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Camping meal plan anyone?

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 04-Aug-18 08:53:32

Not that I’ve got much of a plan.

We’ll probably have fish and chips on the last night and go out one night.

So far I’ve got chicken fajitas.
Chicken kebabs.

Any inspiration for one pot, easy camping ideas?

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Finfintytint Sat 04-Aug-18 08:57:33

I did a one pot wonder last night. Chick pea, spinach and paneer curry if you like veggie stuff.

Rainbowqueeen Sat 04-Aug-18 09:01:52

How many nights are you away??

I would take some frozen curry and spag Bol sauce with you. Freeze it in a freezer bag and it doesn't take up much room. It's easier to serve spag Bol sauce with cous cous than to cook up pasta.

Tortillas are good too.

Ylvamoon Sat 04-Aug-18 09:02:54

Very simple:
Stir in pasta sauce, sausages and salad.
Fry some potatoes peppers and egg on top

Finfintytint Sat 04-Aug-18 09:05:38

Huevos Rancheros is also a campsite favourite with us.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 04-Aug-18 09:26:34

We’re away for 8 nights. I’ve camped before quite a few times but haven’t been for a year and seem to have a bit of a mental block this time!

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Peeeas Sat 04-Aug-18 09:32:12

Went camping recently. One pot chorizo, bean and tomato stew went down v well. Chuck in some chopped up potato and your herbs and spices of choice.

Crwban Sat 04-Aug-18 09:33:57

Frying potatoes with onions and peppers sounds lovely but do you need to boil them first?

Peeeas Sat 04-Aug-18 09:34:06

Tinned tomatoes obviously, and e.g. cannelini beans work well, but could be any beans you have a tin of knocking about.

LadyPenelope68 Sat 04-Aug-18 09:35:29

Cooked breakfast either on the ring or on disposable bbq but have for tea rather than breakfast.

SweepTheHalls Sat 04-Aug-18 09:36:18

Meatballs, sauce from a jar and spaghetti. Chicken curry with pre cooked rice.

LadyPenelope68 Sat 04-Aug-18 09:36:25

If you’re out for the day, on the way back to camp site grab some ham/cooked chicken and have a salary type meal with new potatoes.

AppleKatie Sat 04-Aug-18 09:38:13

Sweet and sour chicken and rice?
Tomato pasta/tuna pasta
Potato salad, cold meats and cheese

How many gas rings do you have?

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 04-Aug-18 14:50:58

Thanks for all of your suggestions. I feel a bit more organised now smile

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AtleastitsnotMonday Sat 04-Aug-18 14:54:19

Nice but here sausages in baguettes with apple sauce
Haloumi kebabs
Stir fry with rice noodles
Pasta with smoked salmon, peas and cream cheese

Crwban Sat 04-Aug-18 19:59:45

Tonight I fried some pancetta/lardons with onions, then chucked in a 6egg omlette. Serves with crusty bread. Lovely.

DeliveredByKiki Tue 07-Aug-18 06:36:55

Wrap jacket potatoes in foil with some oil and backs them in the embers while you make chilli or beans or whatever in one pot, then you don’t need anything pot for rice or pasta

hazeyjane Tue 07-Aug-18 06:44:44

You are far more organised than me. We always end up doing ‘anything in a bun (sausages, bacon, cheese, halloumi, another bun...)’ + wine (optional).......every night.

serbska Thu 09-Aug-18 12:33:36

I’ve got a few camping staples to do over a single ring burner.

I often take something like a chill already cooked and frozen. Helps keep the cool box cool!

Do a lot of BBQ meats or veg and hallumi skewers with couscous or bread and salads.

I have been known to take coriander, parsley and basil plants with me so we can have fresh herbs all week!

We keep breakfast simple - granola, fruit and Greek yog or pan au chocolates or bacon sarni. I take tinned fruit in juice so don’t need to worry about squashing it during the journey.

Lunch usually very simple picnic (cheese or ham salad sandwiches with a pack of crisps and a carrot) or eat out.

We don’t really go wilderness camping and usually are out and about during the day so generally would have an opportunity to pick up more fresh veg or meat.

Don’t have electric hook up so have to do ice block exchange so try and keep coolbox items low.

Chicken curry
Take a jar of sauce with you and buy chicken breasts on your way back to the campsite after a day out (or take it in the cool box if near the start of the holiday).
Fry up an onion and a couple of peppers, add the chicken breast then add the sauce and simmer.
Take this off the heat and cover.
Using a second pan boil up a tiny bit of water and cook your microwave rice for 3 mins as packet instructions.
Serve the rice and curry with a pack of mini popadoms and fresh coriander.

Obviously that works as a veg curry as well if you take different veg. Peppers, aubergine and a tin of lentils is a fav alternative.

Courgette and artichoke pasta
Boil a pan of water and cook a small type of pasta (shorter cooking time)
Meanwhile drain a jar or tin of artichokes and a jar of courgette antipasti (Tesco used to do this but now I only find it at Ocado) directly into your colander. Might want to chop up the courgette and artichokes a bit.
When the pasta is finished drain it into the colander where the courgette and artichokes are.
Into the hot pan tip two jars of sacla olive stir through sauce or whatever you like.
Heat that up, tip back in the pasta and veg and mix it around.
Serve with the dried Parmesan you get in a shaker.
This is good as nothing needs to be in the cool box.

Mediterranean tuna couscous
Boil a pan of water. Boil an egg for everyone. Towards the end of cooking time chuck in a pack of green beans cut into 1/3s.
Remove the veg/eggs.
In a big serving bowl chuck in a sachet of Mediterranean flavoured couscous per 2 people and a tin of tuna per 2 people and some olives. Also slice up a large roasted antipasti jar red pepper per person and add to the couscous mix.
Put the required amount of water for the couscous in the bowl, stir and cover with a plate.
Cut the eggs into 1/4.
After the couscous is ready (5 mins ish) stir through the green beans and serve everyone with an egg.

I take a couple of pre made supermarket purchases tortillas. These last for quite a while in the cool box.
Serve with an antipasto meat selection, cheese, olives, a green salad,a tomato salad and some nice crusty bread you’ve picked up fresh.
This one is super easy as no cooking just a bit of salad prep.

Chorizo and bean stew
Dice some chorizo.
Dice and onion and a couple of peppers.
Fry the chorizo. Add the onion and peppers.
Add some spices - cumin, coriander, paprika. I pre measure these at home so don’t have to take all the jars.
Add tin or two of tomatoes (#people depending) and a tin or two of cananlini or butter beans.
Simmer for 10 mins.
Take off he heat and cover.
In a second pan cook the microwave rice per pan instructions.
Serve with some fresh coriander if possible.

Also nice with couscous and chickpeas instead of butter beans.
This is good as only the chorizo goes in the cool box and even that probably isn’t really required to be in there.

Sausage beans and mash with cheese
Don't judge me.This one isn’t going to win any culinary prizes.... but smash and a tin of sausage and beans with some grated cheddar and a good twist of black pepper is a guilty camping pleasure.

Buy the gallo express mushroom risotto, it cooks in 12 mins so is good for camp stoves.
Serve with a tomato salad.

Thai green veg curry
Fry up an onion and green peppers and an aubergine.
Add Thai green curry paste (jar) and a tin of coconut milk. Might need more coconut milk or can add stock/water if not enough for your number of people. Can also use Maggi coconut milk powder.
Add asparagus, sugar snap peas and baby corn for the final 5 mins.
Serve with rice and a pack of mini Thai fish crackers.

Chicken noodles
Another one that isn’t going to win any culinary or nutritional awards.
Maggi chicken ramen noodles with tinned sweet corn (or fresh baby corn) added and some fresh shop purchased roast chicken slices.

Lamb thing
This is nice. I use diced lamb rather than steaks usually.

Chorizo and butter bean hash thing
At home I make this ins a huge frying pan, camping it has to be done in stages in my small pan but still easy.

Dice and fry chorizo. Remove and put in a big bowl.
Large slice mushrooms, fry them with herbs (rosmary and thyme). Remove and put in a big bowl.
Fry another kind of veg - like podded broad beans, fresh podded peas, diced courgette, grated carrot is ok too. Remove into the bowl.
Fry up a couple of tins of butter or cannilini beans with plenty more oil and herbs.

Mix everything together in the bog bowl, add a tiny splash of balsamic or red wine vinegar and serve.

InterstellarSleepingElla Thu 09-Aug-18 12:59:45

Unable to add anything but curious how people store food such as sausages, chicken when camping? We are thinking of camping next year but I hadn't thought how to store food.

Cyclingpast Thu 09-Aug-18 15:12:29

InterstellarSleepingElla some people buy an electric fridge, but you usually have to pay extra for electricity at campsites. Some campsites have fridges/freezers where you can keep a few things. some let you freeze freezer blocks so that you can keep things fresh in your coolbox. We often just go dinner shopping on the way back from a day out.

LadyPenelope68 Thu 09-Aug-18 15:26:29

We do like Cyclingpast, use ice packs to keep things fresh overnight for breakfast, but buy things for evening meal on the way back to site in an evening.

BiddyPop Thu 09-Aug-18 15:42:15

Make a sauce ahead of time and freeze it (at home) for night 2. Curry, chilli, spag bol - that type of thing. It will be an extra freezer block in the cool box for travel and day 1, and easy to just reheat, while cooking rice/pasta to go with it.

Carbonara - fresh pasta (cooks very fast). Fry a packet of bacon lardons in a dry pan. Remove bacon, fry an onion in the bacon fat. In a bowl/cup, whisk an egg with some cream, pepper (leave salt til later due to bacon). Drain pasta (reserve a few tablespoons of cooking water just in case). Toss together pasta, bacon and onion (can have mushrooms as well if desired), add egg mix, stir together (put back on LOW HEAT stove if necessary) and allow to thicken enough to be a sauce but not to scramble. Use some pasta cooking water if you need to thin it out.
That also works with leftover cooked chicken instead of bacon (see below).
Or to adapt using some white wine when cooking onion/mushrooms (when nearly fried) before adding sauce.
Or chicken and mushrooms (and onion) with white wine and cream (and herbs like tarragon or thyme if available) to make a sloppier sauce, to serve with either rice or pasta.

Heading back to camp one evening, get a hot roast chicken from a deli counter, a nice sourdough or baguette bread, salad and coleslaw. Make hot chicken sandwiches or salad.

Prawns on skewers (easier to manage)
White fish in tin foil parcels
Lamb chops
Vegetable chunks on skewers (as a side dish or the main part)
Spare Ribs
Mushrooms in tin foil parcels
Mixed veg (onion, garlic, pepper, tomato, mushrooms, courgettes etc) cut into same size dice, season with olive oil, salt/pepper, Mediterranean herbs and cook in a tin foil parcel or on a tin foil dish (small freezer ones are perfect as "pots" for BBQing!)/vegetable BBQ tray.

Tortillas - make a beef or chicken (with veggies if desired) sauce for tacos or fajitas, and serve into a bag of doritos opened along its side edge with some cheese on top - eat with a fork. Saves washing up and doritos are almost the same as taco shells.

Meat or fish with a jar of (decent) sauce and relevant bed of couscous/rice/pasta - you're camping, make it easy on yourself!

Chocolate cake in an orange rind....
Bananas with chocolate cooked in a tinfoil packet
Baked apples with raisins and cinnamon
Marshmallows cooked on a stick and sandwiched between chocolate digestive biscuits

BiddyPop Thu 09-Aug-18 15:45:54

Freezing a 2l bottle of water helps to keep a cooler cold initially (and you can then use the water later).

Most sites seem to have a freezer to allow cool blocks to be re-frozen - label WELL with sharpie marker, and put in a bag together in the freezer (like a large Ikea freezer bag holding your 2/3 blocks in one pack) to allow you to change them daily or even twice daily if really hot.

I see lots using electric hook up for fridges, and I know our Scout pack uses 2 gas powered fridges on their camp, but the Cubs just use cool bags and ice blocks (and so do I when family camping) and that works fine. I will upgrade, some one of these years, to a proper cool box, but as I long for an IcyTek, that will be a few years away yet.

BiddyPop Thu 09-Aug-18 15:53:05

Nasi goreng should work well for camping too.
Tin of tuna in oil - open and drain oil into pan. Cook an onion and garlic, add mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn (from a tin - use the remainder for a sandwich mix of with Mexican dinner), carrot, broccoli, cauliflower - basically whatever you have and allow to cook. Add the tuna. Add some prawns if you have them. Add 2-3 tablespoons of mild curry powder and stir through. Add cooked rice (I think microwave packets would be ideal for this) and allow to cook/heat through for 3-4 minutes and serve.

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