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Which recipe?

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slyoldfox Thu 02-Aug-18 14:14:01

I'm new to baking but I can follow instructions and want to make a shaped cake for a birthday party..

Because I need to cut it into a shape, google is telling me I need a 'pound cake' recipe so it's denser and easier to cut into a house shape. Is this right? Or will any old sponge cake recipe do?

Also the recipes are for 12 servings and I need double that. Can I just double the ingredients? I've heard that can make things go wrong.

Lastly if I'm using a square or rectangle tin - do I have to make 2 cakes to then put buttercream in between? Or can I make 1 cake and chop it through the centre to make 2 halves and then sandwich them together?

Sorry for these simple questions but it's burning my brain out!! Thanks in advance

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GahWhatever Thu 02-Aug-18 14:20:01

Are you in the UK?
Pound cake is an American way of saying 'Victoria Sponge'. Does that help?

If you double up the ingredients you'll need a different tin and a different cooking time/temp so it cooks evenly all the way through without scorching the corners. If you aren't confident/experienced enough to 'amend' recipes keep looking until you find one that does exactly what you want.

Good hunting

4merlyknownasSHD Thu 02-Aug-18 16:40:33

Madeira Cake would be good. Also, it keeps better so you don't have a big rush to get it carved and iced on the same day as the celebration.

slyoldfox Thu 02-Aug-18 20:20:36

Oh ok thanks that makes sense re Pound Cake/Victoria Sponge. I'm going to attempt to bake it tomorrow and then I got loads of ready to roll icing to cover it with.

I've got a big tin 9x13inch so will try and find a recipe for that.

Still confused as to whether I have to make 2 cakes or just 1 and slice through the middle??

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pugalugs90 Thu 02-Aug-18 20:25:27

Definitely do Madeira cake. Victoria sandwich is too light and fluffy. You want a denser cake that will hold the filling and take a bit of pressure while icing. It also won't be as crumbly when you cut it

WooYa Thu 02-Aug-18 20:26:38

It might be easier, as a first-timer to bake 2 cakes then sandwich together.

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