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How much does your weekly food shop cost?

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SavvySaver24 Thu 02-Aug-18 13:30:39

We are first time buyers and just trying to get my head around how much I realistically expect to spend each week on food. We will do a big 'staple' shop that I have budgeted £500 for so we are talking werkly fresh good.

I know it is going to vary hugely person to person, depending on their lifestyle habits (i.e. quick rrady meals vs meals made from scratch) but that is why I am asking on here to get a wide range of opinions.

So would be so helpful if people can say how much thry spend and the sort of meals that covers, and is that 3 meals a day etc.

It is just the 2 of us, so I am probably in the minority on this forum!

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Bloomcounty Fri 03-Aug-18 12:40:06

I keep a large store of things like dried pulses, tinned tomatoes, spices, flour, pasta, rice - that kind of thing. Monthly, I would say I spend about £40 - £70 on replenishing that, along with things like cleaning products, loo rolls, everyday basics.

On a weekly basis, my shop is mainly fresh fruit and veg, meat products, dairy, bread...I think it probably comes to around £30 - 50 per week on fresh stuff, but that depends on if I buy meat, usually. In winter we have a local farm shop we use and that's a massive blessing, as I can get a 12.5kg sack of potatoes for a fiver. A kilo is costing me £2 at the supermarket just now....

Bloomcounty Fri 03-Aug-18 12:40:48

ps - just two adults and one cat. I forgot to factor in the massive amount of cat food our furry boy eats. He accounts for about £12 a week, all on his lonesome.

Nothisispatrick Fri 03-Aug-18 12:44:56

For two adults probably about £50 a week, around one week a month we get a hellofresh box so would spend maybe 30 on a top up shop.

Doesn't include pet stuff though as we get that at pets at home, little bastards have sensitive tummies and need special food.

Testarossa1 Fri 03-Aug-18 12:47:53

Just me and my dp here. We both put £100 in a pot on payday. That £200 lasts us a month as 'shopping money. I do 1 big shop on a Monday and possible a top up shop
If needed during the week. I have a notepad on the fridge, as stuff gets used up It gets written on there, then Sunday evening I'll add fresh stuff to the list. I meal plan a week too, so that helps too.

MrSpock Fri 03-Aug-18 12:52:11

£50 a week.

Two adults and a three year old!

Karenoid Fri 03-Aug-18 12:57:35

About £60 a week for myself, husband, 6 year old (eats non-stop) and includes a tub of formula (£10) for 10wo baby.

Iwantaunicorn Fri 03-Aug-18 12:58:50

£40-£50 a week DTs formula, food and nappies
£20 a week dog food
£50-£70 2 adults a week if I meal plan, £100 a week if I don’t (I like to play supermarket sweep).

We eat meat most days, rarely eat breakfast, does include basic lunches, but I do do some top ups during the week which is normally an extra tenner on milk and that sort of thing.

Invisimamma Fri 03-Aug-18 13:04:47

£100 a week, 2 adults and 2 children. That includes cleaning products, toilet roll etc but not toiletries.

Sometimes a bit more, sometimes less but we budget £400 per month.

TitsalinaBumSquash Fri 03-Aug-18 13:10:07

6 of us, I spend £100 a week in Aldi and get tons but DH and I are eating a low carb diet so a lot of our budget is meat/cheese etc.
We can when eating carbs and if we need to feed all 6 of us for £40-£50 a week.

badteacher Fri 03-Aug-18 13:13:08

£80 a week
2 adults , 3 children
2Dc - teens - eat school dinners - that's £25 a week on top .
Dh eats lunch at work probably an extra £20 on top
I take a packed lunch which is included in the weekly shop
The £80 covers :
My lunches
All our breakfasts ( eggs , oats, toasts , cereals , brioche , coffees , milk )
Snacks ( fruit , crisps , crackers )
Lunches and dinner for all five of us on the weekend
An evening meal for everyone mon- fri
Cleaning products and toiletries
We shop at Aldi and the local cheap butcher

Bloomcounty Fri 03-Aug-18 16:50:22

I forgot to add that my cost covers all meals, as I work from home and hubby takes a packed lunch. He does a very physical job, so he does a top up shop on a Friday for bags of unsalted nuts, dried fruit, cereal bars....all the snacky things that I don't eat and always forget to buy in the weekly shop. I reckon he chomps his way through £20 worth every week....but it does stop him fainting over his lawnmower....

InDubiousBattle Fri 03-Aug-18 17:03:44

£100-120 a week. 2 adults and 2 pre schoolers. I cook mostly from scratch but that cover 3 meals a day every day except for perhaps one meal out a week (different budget for that). I often take picnics if I take the kids out. It includes some flowers, all cleaning stuff, nappies for one dc, store cupboard top ups and maybe a bottle of prosecco a week. We buy organic chicken/higher welfare meat which bumps the cost up. Kids get through massive amounts of fruit.

AnnieOH1 Fri 03-Aug-18 17:06:14

We spend approximately £50 per day at the moment - 2 adults and 2 kids, not including pets or toiletries. Allegedly the average for a family our size is around £84 per week.

LeeValley2 Fri 03-Aug-18 17:09:08

£200 per week for 4 people and £50 per week for 2 cats. That includes everything made from scratch but organic and high quality.

Invisimamma Fri 03-Aug-18 17:30:35

@AnnieOH1 £50 per day!? What are you eating and where are you shopping? That’s £350 per week, almost my familiy’s monthly food budget (and we eat fairly well!).

anotherangel2 Fri 03-Aug-18 17:38:44

£60 a week for 2 adults and a toddler plus buying her specialist soya milk once every two months. We are wasting some food so I could probably cut that back a bit.

We shop in Aldi at Tesco we were spending £80+ a week. We do eat fish at home but not meat.

Livinglavidal0ca Fri 03-Aug-18 17:38:57

£57 per week (250) a month. Sometimes less. 2 adults for 3 meals a day, and a baby who now eats and has 4 boxes of formula a month (I miss breastfeeding).

This shop includes loo roll/cleaning products/washing powder/nappies/wipes and all the extra things a house needs!

I think we eat very very well, and usually have the staples in the cupboard but have one or so in the weekly shop as they run out and we keep them up to date. I could definitely do it cheaper, we eat meat every day though, partner takes a packed lunch to work and I come home on lunch break.

AnnieOH1 Fri 03-Aug-18 17:45:59

@Invisimamma - principally Aldi with a little Makro, Tesco and Sainsburys thrown in for good measure. It's really not as much as it might first seem, we will easily spend around £20 on fruits daily (by choice). I do realise we could spend less but at the moment we don't need to.

CallieAndDuck Fri 03-Aug-18 17:47:48

@mrspock. We also spend around £50 week. 2 adults and a 2 year old.

Bellabutterfly2016 Fri 03-Aug-18 17:48:39

We spend about £80 per week, 2 adults plus 1 3yr old that includes toiletries and cleaning products

If I try to do a "cheap tea" with pasta my partner wants to know where the meat is lol so my meat bill is about £15-20 per week on top at the butchers!!

Tried Lidl and Aldi but found salad, fruit and veg just doesn't last or stay fresh

Shutityoutart Fri 03-Aug-18 17:52:03

About 80 a week. 2 adults and 2 young Dc. I cook from scratch most nights, and my children eat loads of fruit so I spend loads on that. I meal plan so I get just what I need and throw very little away.

TakeOffYourJudgyPants Fri 03-Aug-18 18:01:32

£115 per week for 2 adults and 5 children under 6, including lots of formula and nappies.

weegiemum Fri 03-Aug-18 18:50:45

About £120 a week for 2 adults and 3 teenagers - bit more at the moment as they're all home all day and dd1 can eat her head's weight in Koka noodles on a daily basis!

Extra for pets (dog, cat, 3 guinea pigs) but includes cleaning stuff and things like washing powder, loo roll and toiletries.

mumtoboys81 Fri 03-Aug-18 18:57:33

£100 a week for 6 of us. That includes nappies and wipes. We shop in Aldi. I often do a top up shop of Milk, bread, drinks so maybe another £20 a week on that.

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