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Simple batch cook recipies for the freezer

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Timeforanothernewone Sun 29-Jul-18 21:57:15

Two youngsters under 18m. Time is at a premium. DH works FT and is about to start uni PT on top and I'm also going back to work PT.

DH roughly follows a low FODMAP/paleo type diet due to IBS symptoms.

I've done a lamb mince chilli with tomatoes, butternut squash, courgettes, etc. Done a curry with sweet potato, chicken and spinach.

Pretty much just after really simple recipies that I can make in huge quantities. We've bought massive pan, absolutely massive. Made 14 curry servings and the pan was about 3/4 full!

Anyone have any lovely batch cook recipies?

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Ricekrispie22 Mon 30-Jul-18 06:23:07

Some of our favourites:
Sausage cassoulet
Chicken and chorizo stew
Haddock and lentil stew

maxelly Mon 30-Jul-18 15:31:05

I would do a simple batch of beef mince browned off (skip onions and garlic if your DH can't have them) and then cooked through in a tomato sauce, perhaps with some additional 'hidden veg' like grated carrots if you need to up the veg. Can become chilli with spice and kidney beans added, spaghetti bolognese, eaten as mince on baked potatos etc. You could also make a veggie version using beans and/or lentils.

Perhaps a simple stew like a hunters chicken?

Macaroni cheese or cauliflower cheese freezes OK and is popular with kids.

A moroccan style tagine with chicken or lamb (may need to leave the fruit out for your DH), slow cooked and then served with couscous or rice?

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