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any vegans about?need advice

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kittypants Wed 30-May-07 20:11:21

ive been veggie for years and have always wanted to try cutting out dairy finally trying but am having trouble getting hold of thins like vegan margarine.also its hard because i hadnt realised that dairy was hidden in so much!any tips?

FrannyandZooey Wed 30-May-07 20:17:22

I am not vegan now but was once upon a time. We still eat a lot of vegan meals. Pure margarine is available from some supermarkets, but I find most vegan marg fairly revolting. I found sandwiches were nicer without it, just use hummus / avocado / moisten with olive oil depending on what you are eating with it. Marg can be useful for baking, though.

Goodness Direct is a good source of more unusual products for vegans including lots of different milks, marg, vegan pestos and mayonnaises, etc

My main advice would be to avoid trying to recreate vegetarian meals with vegan ingredients, and concentrate instead on wholefoods, pulses, grains, nuts, seeds and veg. There is an amazing variety of these foods and some of the world's greatest recipes are naturally vegan (Indian and Middle Eastern food is a good starting point).

cazee Wed 30-May-07 21:55:31

I am vegan, Sainsbury's organic olive oil marg is the nicest vegan one, but pure marg is also vegan. I genuinely find being vegan unbelievably easy, and would love to help you in any way I can. There is so much you can buy now, try the "Fry's" range from health food stores. the hot dogs are amazing! I cook simple food, just adapted to be vegan. Soya milk makes a white sauce for lasagne etc, swedish Glace ice cream is delicious, and cakes are easy to make, just replace egg with a little baking powder and vinigar. Ohh, I am getting hungry...

EssexGal Wed 30-May-07 21:57:04

Kitty are you doing it for health reasons or to loose weight?? Go careful wont you honey

cazee Wed 30-May-07 21:57:29

And I agree with Franny pure marg is horrible...

kittypants Wed 30-May-07 22:40:26

ooh lots of good the link,will have proper look later.
essexgal,no not to loose weight,just seems natural proggression from veggie and my beliefs.i thought its worth a try!see how i go.
cazee i did have loads of questions but cant think now!i will remember!

BCLass Wed 15-Aug-07 22:01:53

The only marge I can stomach is Pure Organic (the blue one) - its really nice - not comparable to anything else I have tried, even the rest of the pure range.

100% vegan.

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