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Easy but interesting

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1sttimeunicorn Thu 26-Jul-18 07:03:47

Having a bit of a recipe rut, mainly because of the weather, working full time, and looking after poorly DS who seems to have collected bugs recently. DH gets home late most nights so tends to cook at the weekends. I need some week day recipe ideas for two people that are:
Relatively easy - I am not a bad cook, actually I really love cooking, but I don’t want to be concentrating too hard when I’m knackered.
Interesting - this is pretty key for us - we don’t really like meat/veg dinners, we prefer something with rice or pasta, with a bit of spice.
Can anyone help?

Things we eat all the damn time... chilli, stuffed peppers, curry from a curry kit, you get the picture.

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magimedi Thu 26-Jul-18 07:15:23

Get some packets of ready cooked Puy Lentils - they are by Merchant Gourmet. I dress them with oil & some herbs & spices & chop up lots of cue & toms into them & add crumbled feta. Served with a pita bread they are a great (& easy) meal.

Another use for them: Pack of lentils, breadcrumbs fried with lots of garlic & thyme, 2/3 hardboiled eggs, chopped. Mix two thirds of breadcrumbs with lentils. Put that mix in a flattish dish, then harboiled egss, then rest of lentils then top with rest of crumbs. Bake for about 20 mins at about 180C> Lovely with a tomato salad.

magimedi Thu 26-Jul-18 07:16:15

Cuce not cue!!

And you could cook the lentile yourself but this way it takes about 10 mins.

PurpleDaisies Thu 26-Jul-18 07:24:18

This dal is a staple in my house. You can do a big vat and freeze portions. I often add chick peas or use a mix of different lentils for a change. I’m veggie so I like it with fried onions and paneer but you could add cooked meat.

The other bonus is if you use frozen spinach it only needs store cupboard/freezer ingredients.

1sttimeunicorn Thu 26-Jul-18 08:49:17

Ooh thank you, yes I haven’t done much with lentils lately except use them to thicken a curry up. That’s a fab idea.

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AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 26-Jul-18 14:58:48

I’ve been doing lots of fish recently, cod fillets in mix of yoghurt and curry paste then spread tops with mango chutney and make in the oven.
How about falafel, I love baked sweet potato falafels served in pita with salad.
Favourite pasta bake, fry off red onion, peppers and mushrooms with garlic and chilli and mixed herbs. Add a can of chopped tomatoes and kidney beans and a good glug of balsamic vinegar and plenty of black pepper. Combine with cooked pasta and pour into ovenproof dish. Top with breadcrumbs and grated cheese then bake.

Ricekrispie22 Fri 27-Jul-18 15:48:18

The Ainsley Harriett packets of flavoured couscous serve 2 people and take just 15 minutes to soak in boiled water. I like the Mediterranean flavoured and I just crumble through some feta cheese and add chopped cucumber/courgette/tomatoes etc,..
This recipe for fried rice is super quick and easy
Gnocchi makes a change from pasta
My DH and I love this spicy stir fry
In this heat we've been eating a lot of salads. This one is spicy

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