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What's your best Greek salad recipe?

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Bluesheep8 Tue 24-Jul-18 17:27:37

Really fancy this for supper tonight and have got a recipe from the internet. Any extra tips?

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dogzdinner Tue 24-Jul-18 17:29:03

Watermelon works well with it. And some mint leaves

Flamingo19 Tue 24-Jul-18 17:31:19

I second mint, also feta and watermelon goes lovely together with it

Boglin Tue 24-Jul-18 17:34:18

My standard salad dressing goes lovely with a Greek salad - olive oil, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, oregano, salt and pepper. Shake it all up and pour it over. If I'm being really fancy I remove the seeds from the tomatoes and cucumber and chop them into similar sized tiny cubes.

jjemimapuddleduck Tue 24-Jul-18 17:35:48

Chopped feta, cucumber, black olives, cherry toms and red onion. Mix in a bowl with loads of shop bought tzatziki - yum!

GruffaloStick Tue 24-Jul-18 17:38:06

Toms, cucumber (peeled and deseeded), red onion, green pepper in fine strips
Dressing of lemon, dried oregano, good* olive oil, s&p
Topped with feta and olives

I wouldn't normally advocate green pepper in a salad but had it in Greece and it works with this

*In the voice of Barefoot Contessa

falaffels Tue 24-Jul-18 21:01:59

Nigella's version is lovely.

The key bit is soaking red onions in vinegar for 30 mins or so before they go in the salad, so they're slightly sharp but not quite so onion-y.

gerbo Tue 24-Jul-18 21:05:16

What kind of vinegar would you soak them in?

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Tue 24-Jul-18 21:09:23

I soak the red onions in red wine.

Chuck in a few capers, if you've got any. Yes to dried oregano. Yes to very thinly sliced green pepper.

falaffels Tue 24-Jul-18 21:22:39

White wine or cider vin is what I use. I suspect red wine vin would taste good too, but the pale vins turn the red onions a fabulous bright pink colour, which I suspect you'd lose with other sorts.

Once soaked the onions are lovely on almost anything savoury. Especially if you're preggo wink

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Tue 24-Jul-18 21:28:39

If you like red onions like that, try them soaked in lime juice and sea salt - brilliant with nachos, tacos etc.

Batinahat Tue 24-Jul-18 21:39:39

I love soaking finely sliced red onions in balsamic vinegar before adding to salad. Delicious!

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