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Breakfast ideas for 8.5 month old?

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Millie1 Mon 16-Aug-04 21:45:37

Any ideas? DS2 has gone right off my lovingly made porridges (apple & prune, apple & banana, banana & sultana ... you name it, we've tried it). Mashed banana this morning went down like a lead balloon. Tomorrow I'm giving him stewed apple. He's gone off fruit pretty much altogether for that matter! He loves toast and gets 3 fingers which he eats and throws around every morning but I feel he needs something a bit more nutritious. BTW, I don't have time to stand cooking things like scrambled eggs in the morning so it needs to be cooked in advance and preferable freezer-friendly!!


clairabelle Mon 16-Aug-04 21:49:37

Could you do scrambled eggs in the microwave? 2mins max. My ds 9months has wetabix, readybrek yoghurt and apricots. Boiled egg. Ds loves abked beans on toast when you have a bit more time. Pancakes. I normally give him toast to play with while spooning something else in, hope this helps.

LinziMac Mon 16-Aug-04 22:09:55

I make a fruity yogurt (apricots, figs, sultanas, etc) with added oats and cooked rice, abit like a museli mix. You can keep it in the fridge for a couple of days - I make a batch for my now 10 mth old twins. Scrambled eggs in the microwave brilliant, and very quick. They love it, mashed on abit of toast.

Millie1 Mon 16-Aug-04 22:21:19

Great ideas - thanks. LinziMac - would you mind sharing your fruity yogurt recipe? Clairabelle - I've thought about Weetabix but can he have cow's milk at this age? He's b/fed and although I'm supposed to be donating milk, there's no way I could produce 3/4oz every morning for his Weetabix - can't be bothered with formula but seem to get mixed messages re cow's milk (ok for cooking from 6 mths but not to drink until 12 mths).

Oh, and one more question, (I only use micro for re-heating) but how do you do scrambled eggs in it?


clairabelle Mon 16-Aug-04 22:30:49

I usually use formula for weatabix, you could buy the tiny little cartons would last you two days. But I have given him cows milk on it and to cool down porridge and no problems. Scarambled egg# put one/teo eggs whisked in a microwavable bowl with a knob of butter, cook on full power for i min stir and cook again for 1 min.

lavender1 Mon 16-Aug-04 22:44:23

have just had a quick flick through my ds's weaning thing and noticed that he loved Sunshine Orange breakfast(Cow and Gate)/ ready brek, fromage frais, 7 cereal breakfast (C & G)'s so long ago that I can't give you many ideas, but if he has gone off fruit maybe you could give him toast one day, hard boiled egg that he can play with and pull apart another, porridge, bananas with warmed ready brek and then fruit about once a week so he still has it but not enough to make him throw it around...not sure of correct salt intake for 8.5 month old but pieces of precooked fish with his toast (if not smoked?) might be interesting for him...other than that best of luck as weaning can be a nightmare when they throw it back in your face

Kayleigh Mon 16-Aug-04 22:48:59

Does he do finger foods ? cheese on toast cut into soldiers or squares is pretty quick in the morning.

lydialemon Tue 17-Aug-04 19:01:08

DD (9 mths) has either weetabix or ready brek (although she's gone off that a bit now), and has had since about 6 mths. Cows milk is fine in their food, its just not suitable as their main drink until 12 mths.

Jennisaurus Tue 17-Aug-04 20:08:21

I give my DD banana cereal or weetabix with mushed in fruit.

discoinferno Tue 17-Aug-04 20:19:31

How much weetabix Jennisaurus?

Millie1 Tue 17-Aug-04 22:36:16

These are great ideas - thanks!!

JulieF Tue 17-Aug-04 23:09:37

Unless you are particurlalrly concerned about cows milk allergy and are avoiding dairy then it is fine from 6 months. The reason they say "in cooking" is that it doesn't contain enough nutrients to be a babies main source of milk until they are 12 months so it shouldn't replace breastfeeding or formula.

DD at that age liked weetabix, natural yoghurt mixed with fruit purees, toast, beans on toast and staffordshire oatcakes.

Jennisaurus Wed 18-Aug-04 13:40:55

discoinferno, this morning she had one with some banana mushed into it. Sometimes she has had 1.5 but thats quite unusual for her I make it with formula which I know I don't really need to, but I do !

Millie1 Wed 18-Aug-04 18:28:05

Tried scrambled eggs this morning and got that 'Mummy, you're poisoning me' look!! Going to go for Organix banana breakfast with real milk tomorrow - hope he eats it!

lowcalCOD Wed 05-Jan-05 13:11:03


serenity Wed 05-Jan-05 13:22:03


woodpops Wed 05-Jan-05 13:46:30

I used to mix a rusk with a tiny bit of marmite. Many moons ago when I was a Saturday girl in Boots Farleys used to do marmite rusks.

Ds always liked weetabix mashed with milk and banana.

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