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Ideas for informal family lunch please?

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tactum Tue 17-Jul-18 19:06:33

Having DH's Mum, Dad, sister and partner over for lunch on Saturday. We are veggie, they are not.
Was thinking of doing a sort of buffet type arrangement - we'd have veggie quiche/bhajis with salad n sides. I'm happy to buy pre-cooked cold meat/fish and serve but won't cook it. Maybe do some warm new potatoes and green beans.
DH's father has throat problems and finds it hard to digest lots of bits - ie leaves, things that stick in your throat etc.
Any suggestions as to what I could serve? Which meat do you think would be best? Any other sides you can think of that would be easy for him to eat?
Would also be serving a soft pudding and cheese n biccies.
He likes soup but doesn't really seem the weather for that!

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JustlikeDevon Tue 17-Jul-18 19:51:34

I think quiche would be lovely, although I always think jacket potato with quiche (for no real reason!). Maybe a tomato salad or greek salad rather than a leafy one?
I wouldn't provide meat or fish if you are a veggie house. No need to and if you make or buy something really tasty they won't miss it at all.

Blondie1984 Wed 18-Jul-18 00:47:19

Like PP i think quiche sounds like a great idea - you could serve it with new potatoes and asparagus or peas/broad beans - and I'm sure they won't miss one meal without meat

Another option could be shakshuka - all that needs with it is some good bread to soak up the leftover juices

Ricekrispie22 Wed 18-Jul-18 05:29:37

A cold salmon would be easy to swallow but I agree with PP that you needn't necessarily serve any meat at all.
If you don't think that quiche is enough, you could serve some falafel.
Couscous is easy to swallow and you could bulk out a couscous salad with feta or chickpeas.
Beetroot is also a good one for the throat

Candyflip Wed 18-Jul-18 05:32:36

You don’t need to serve meat. What about a really nice cheeseboard? You could add cold meats if you wanted, but just cheese and pickles would be fab!

JontyDoggle37 Wed 18-Jul-18 05:49:56

What about a gazpacho - cold vegetarian soup - perfect!

Taffeta Wed 18-Jul-18 19:26:36

Yy to quiche or a puff pastry tomato tart like this

Maybe flatbreads and dips eg hummus, baba ganoush

Olives and sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella balls?

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