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Best blender?

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TheNinjaWife Sun 15-Jul-18 16:37:28

Our 19 year old breville blender has just sprung a leak. It’s now kaput. I thought a simple google search would throw up a new one, however I can’t seem to find something that fits the bill. Requirements-
Must crush ice
Must be able to chop hard items like fresh coconut.
Be able to handle hot liquids and veg.
Be able to blend herbs.
Dishwasher safe.
If any one has suggestions? I think a glass one would probably be best. Price around £60.

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Blondie1984 Mon 16-Jul-18 01:30:32

Maybe a nutri ninja or nutribullet?

CantankerousCamel Mon 16-Jul-18 01:31:17

Vitamix if you can stretch to one.

Ninja pro if not

CantankerousCamel Mon 16-Jul-18 01:31:53

Oh £60, definitely a nutribullet of some kind

PaulMorel Mon 16-Jul-18 06:13:49

Nutribullet Pro 900 is a must. It works very well.

CantankerousCamel Mon 16-Jul-18 06:47:39

Paul £60 though?

TheNinjaWife Mon 16-Jul-18 07:38:12

Thank you, all. I’ll take another look. The price isn’t too important, but I found one that cost £499 which I thought a bit too much to justify, as I only use a blender occasionally. I don’t use it as I juicer, but I will look into those anyway. It is mainly used for certain recipes, ice, dips, that sort of thing.

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TheNinjaWife Mon 16-Jul-18 07:57:59

For those of you suggesting the nutribullet. Do you know if it would chop up fresh raw coconut without adding liquid? I used my old blender to ‘grate’ coconut.

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CantankerousCamel Mon 16-Jul-18 07:59:27

The Ninja

The issue you’ll have is the ice crushing, you might be better off getting something that has ‘ice crusher’ as a factor rather than a Nutribullet which specifically says not to crush ice. If I had the money I would buy a Vitamix for £500 because I know that would last the rest of my life

HidingFromDD Mon 16-Jul-18 08:07:31

This,, although look around for deals as I paid £75 for mine (from Amazon).

Really good blender, will crush the ice no problem and the large container has a 'steam hole' at the top so you can put hot liquids in without the whole thing exploding (as happened with previous lidl version of the nutribullet).

Just be warned, it is VERY loud, but so quick you don't need to run it for long....

Kintan Mon 16-Jul-18 08:14:29

We bought a vitamix about 5 years ago. We got it in the Lakeland sale and while it was still expensive we use it so much that it has been worth it. It does everything you require op, would definitely recommend.

CantankerousCamel Mon 16-Jul-18 08:26:15

It’s one vitamix a lifetime or yearly purchases of lesser blenders ;-)

TheNinjaWife Mon 16-Jul-18 08:26:52

Thank you all for taking the time to reply to a rather boring subject. grin
The Vitamix one does look tempting. I didn’t realise blenders could cost so much! I think the ninja one looks like it will suit our needs. I literally use a blender about once a month, but I can’t do without it for certain recipes.

Kind regards.

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CantankerousCamel Mon 16-Jul-18 08:28:14

Ninja if you can find the money to increase to a Nutribullet Pro, they are really much more robust for the money and will kart longer

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