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Vegan planning help!

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bionicnemonic Sat 14-Jul-18 16:34:08

I'm a rubbish cook. Never learned. I'm veggie not vegan but cheese makes me loopy! DS eats meat but will happily eat vegan with me.
Trouble is I accumulate recipes but seldom have all the elements to make more that one dish. I'm hoping there is a more streamlined approach? If I go and buy lots of ingredients they often go ff before I get round to it again. I don't have much space in the freezer and don't really know what will freeze and what won't. My mum left before I learned to cook and I don't want non-cooking to continue down the generations. Any advice? Even just a food plan for a week or two that I could use? Thank you in hope!

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Ricekrispie22 Sun 15-Jul-18 07:49:15

Do you eat eggs?
Veganism is quite easy to stock up for - tins and packets of lentils, beans, chickpeas, quinoa etc keep for a long time. You can also get ambient tofu that keeps for ages.

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