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Banana loaf recipe

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angelopal Fri 13-Jul-18 08:48:48

Any recommendations for a banana loaf recipe.

Found one online that worked really well but forgot to book mark it and cannot find it again. Cooking temperature was adjusted part of the way through.

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JamesHilleryGBBO Sun 22-Jul-18 10:46:40

Hi I love banana bread . My go to recipe is in my blog. Whilst this has pecan and choc chips in it you can just omit them from the recipe and it is still delicious. A hack for if you do not have butter milk . Use the same volume of milk with a big squeeze of lemon in it . I hope you enjoy. Cheers James

LakeFlyPie Fri 17-Aug-18 23:18:46

Nigella's is my favourite

PrincessScarlett Fri 17-Aug-18 23:24:02

Mary Berry's banana loaf recipe is the best. So unbelievably easy and tasty. I also add choc chips sometimes to mix it up a bit.

Skyrain Fri 17-Aug-18 23:32:27

I always use this one this one. Very simple but perfect every time.

SnuggyBuggy Mon 27-Aug-18 17:56:40

I like the Mary Berry one but I sub in some dark brown sugar or even a spoon of black treacle.

brokenharbour Mon 27-Aug-18 18:02:58

I did Mary berry last week and it was so easy and a really nice texture cake. Not going to do any other now.

QuickWash Sun 07-Oct-18 18:32:02

I found the Gary Rhodes one on a thread here once, you add golden syrup. It's an absolute staple here now!

8oz SR flour, 6oz sugar, 4oz butter, 3 ripe bananas, 2tbsp golden syrup, 2 eggs, pinch of salt, 1 1/4 hrs at 150

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