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Do I need 'golden caster sugar'?

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opalescent Thu 12-Jul-18 19:41:05

If a recipe calls for 'golden caster sugar', but I already have normal caster sugar, and/or soft brown sugar, do I actually need to go shopping?

Will it really make a difference?

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CiderwithSusie Thu 12-Jul-18 19:41:54

Nope, either of those will be fine!

TheDowagerCuntess Thu 12-Jul-18 20:26:28

It seems a bit gimmicky to me, but I am keen to try it out - maybe in a pav.

I would go with soft brown sugar, rather than caster (unless it's a pav you're making - then I would use caster!).

georgedawes Thu 12-Jul-18 20:37:52

normal caster sugar will be fine

DownAtFraggleRock Thu 12-Jul-18 20:41:21

I always use regular caster sugar. The golden stuff I've bought in the past seems to mould into one solid slab in the pantry, so I've stopped buying it

opalescent Thu 12-Jul-18 21:20:58

Thanks all!!

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