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Can I put a whole frozen chicken in the slow cooker??

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FusionChefGeoff Wed 11-Jul-18 07:54:12

Argh feeling all smug because I'd meal planned but forgot to actually pay any attention to it so tonight's chicken is still hanging out in the freezer!!

Can I just bing it in the slow cooker for 9 hours???

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violetbunny Wed 11-Jul-18 09:33:11

I wouldn't attempt it, I'm not sure it would cook through properly....

wizzywig Wed 11-Jul-18 09:34:08

I cook frozen chicken breasts on high for 6hours. Touch wood ive been ok

RancidOldHag Wed 11-Jul-18 09:35:00

No, not unless you want food poisoning. You need to defrost thoroughly. Can you leave this chicken in the freezer until next time that bird features in your meal planning, and buy a fresh one to cook later today?

tenbob Wed 11-Jul-18 09:37:54

Iceland sell whole chickens in the 'roast from frozen' range so I don't believe it is a one way ticket to food poisoning

It might be a bit tough though?

MsHomeSlice Wed 11-Jul-18 09:40:58

I think Iceland are pretty clear that their from frozen range has to go in the oven

I would not cook anything from frozen in a slowcooker...not unless you really want the witheringshits for a fortnight

Basic food hygiene people, c'mon!!

NOW what you need OP is an Instant Pot but that a whole several other threads!

CrabappleBiscuit Wed 11-Jul-18 09:43:46

Roasting in oven ok. Slow cooker doesn’t get to high enough temperature for whole frozen chicken.

Buy a fresh chicken....

LupinsNotBluebells Wed 11-Jul-18 09:44:35

I'm on a slow cooker group on Facebook. The general consensus whenever someone asks about frozen meat is that you need to defrost it before cooking. The SC doesn't get the temperature hot enough to stop you getting food poisoning. This would be the same for chicken strips etc. With a full chicken, with a cavity etc. you'd be at particular risk so I wouldn't risk this.

PinstripeElephant Wed 11-Jul-18 09:59:06

I really wouldn't! My dad ended up hospitalised after he did it and got food poisoning.

3catsandcounting Wed 11-Jul-18 11:19:49

I'm sure I read somewhere years ago that 'cook from frozen' supermarket chickens have been treated in some way to make them safe to do so?

FusionChefGeoff Wed 11-Jul-18 13:12:38

Thanks everyone - agree that it's just a step too far even for my slovenly food hygiene standards. We're having it tomorrow!

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ednacoocker Mon 27-Aug-18 00:10:23

I think it's very important first to defroze it. Meat should be cooked well, otherwise the chicken it's not going be cooked. You may have a bacteria or other unwanted things to your stomach. For example if you will try to defroz the hole chicken in Instant pot it's may simply half coocked it.

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