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sterilised cream

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nannysu88 Tue 10-Jul-18 17:13:27

I was looking up to see whatever happened to sterilised cream which was so popular when I was a kid in the sixties.
It was Danish and called Dancow.
After that only Co-op own brand came close...the extra thick ones you get now are not the same.
Maybe it's just a childhood nostalgia thing!?

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FawnDrench Tue 10-Jul-18 18:34:11

You can get it on Amazon but it's a staggering £6.29 for 170 grams!
The blurb states "Nestlé Carnation topping extra thick cream is a sterilised cream which contains less than half the fat of double cream (56% less). It is the ideal addition to your favourite desserts like topping puddings, cakes and scones. It is suitable for vegetarians."

I too remember it from my childhood - we would have it on tinned fruit cocktail for tea on a Sunday, after "salad" as my dear mum called it.
It was very thick and you had to shake the tin up vigorously before opening it.

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