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Quark as spread? Or is the texture wrong?

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pennycarbonara Mon 09-Jul-18 18:47:43

As above. Can it be used as a Philadelphia type of cream cheese spread?

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Emma198 Mon 09-Jul-18 18:50:21

Have you tasted it? It's rank. I guess it could be used that way but it might be a bit claggy if you know what I mean, like stick to your tongue a bit.

If this is for slimming world or similar, Philly lightest is very low in syns and infinitely nicer.

bluerunningshoes Mon 09-Jul-18 18:52:29

yes it can. it's a bit claggy, but in taste similar to cream cheese.

pennycarbonara Mon 09-Jul-18 19:03:37

I don't think I've eaten it since the 90s and I can't remember what it was like, just that I didn't love it. These days I have no problem with the taste of unsweetened natural yoghurt or Skyr. Just don't want to waste money on it if it's not useful for stuff I'd use it for.

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bluerunningshoes Mon 09-Jul-18 19:04:59

the germans use it instead of philly in cheesecake grin

terfterf Tue 10-Jul-18 20:37:43

Best thing about quark is it has nothing added to it (Philly lightest has added salt and carob bean gum), and has no rennet which means it's vegetarian unlike many soft cheeses. It's syn free on Slimming World and can be made sweet or savoury by adding to it. If you push through muslin it gets even thicker and silkier, brilliant for dips (tzatziki, chive, marie rose, sweet chilli). We used to eat it with fruit compote for breakfast or for dessert with a swirl of honey. Makes a great baked cheesecake and is stable under heat so good for sauces and thickened gravies. Oh and it's way cheaper than Philly grin

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