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Easy dairy, gluten, soya and egg free BLW recipes

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DreamingofSunshine Sun 08-Jul-18 16:27:47

I'm looking for some easy dinner and lunch ideas for my 1 year old DS and I. I'm coeliac and he's dairy, egg and soya free but I'd like to not cook multiple meals. Luckily DH eats anything!

Apileofballyhoo Sun 08-Jul-18 16:42:39

I just checked a jar of Tesco Free From pesto but it does have tofu in it. Sacla do a gluten and dairy free one too that might be ok.

No idea what you normally eat, but most traditional dinner type things involving meat, veg and potatoes are free of all the things you've mentioned.

Easy food to me is pasta and pesto, rice and veg, fish fingers, Thai curry with shop bought paste, sandwiches, salad/raw veg, avocado on toast, pizza (shop bought base) and wraps/tortillas.

StillNoClue Sun 08-Jul-18 17:26:41

We've always found meals from scratch is the easiest. Ds is the same as yours, so dairy, soya and egg free.
We use oatly for milk, and violife marg or stork marg (gold paper is a good alternative for butter). Tesco do a dairy free garlic bread (the cheap 34p baguette. Ds loves it) someone suggested the tesco free from pesto - think that's got soya in.
Coeliac is that wheat?

Bolognaise then do pasta for dc/dp or courgette/butternut squash spaghetti for you.
Shepard's/cottage pie.
Chicken and veg
Pizza but use 'viollife cheese'. Use pitta/wraps for a base (assume you can get them for coeliacs?)
Jacket potato with tuna/beans sweet corn.
Pasta bake with tuna/sweet corn etc.
Stir fry
Fish with whatever veg.
Chicken and veg wraps.
Cous cous with chicken.
I made a lamb kebab before and ds hoovered it down.
Beans on toast
Spaghetti on toast

Tesco do cheap 50p crumpets which don't contain dairy, soya or egg.
Jackson's bread is amazing and soya free (we always found getting soya free bread a pain in the arse)
Coco pops are surprisingly dairy free
Moofree chocolate (Holland and Barrett)

I tend to find I'll batch cook for ds and just freeze spare portions. Then cook for me and dp in the evening when ds is in bed.

I also usually have different from him for dinner. I found just sticking to the foods he can can't eat restrictive and ended up making 2 versions of the same thing. So figured I may as well eat what I want and he has whatever works for him.

Hope this all helps.

DreamingofSunshine Sun 08-Jul-18 17:42:18

Thank you, some good ideas here.

I should have said that it's slow progress with BLW so something like rice or curry is just smooshed into the tray and not eaten.

Apileofballyhoo Sun 08-Jul-18 19:46:45

Pasta is probably your friend so as he can pick it up himself. And it's ready quickly! I used to steam chunks of veg and potato for my DS and let him work away.

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