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Summer meal ideas

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anascrecca Sun 08-Jul-18 15:49:12

I'm melting in this warm weather and haven't wanted to heat the house up further by cooking. What have you been eating that needs minimal cooking and preferably not using the oven ?

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overmydeadbody Sun 08-Jul-18 15:51:49

Salad. Lots and lots of salad.

Salad nicoise

Roast chicken salad

Salad and cheese and bread

Cold pasta salad

Coronation chicken salad

anascrecca Sun 08-Jul-18 16:04:52

Sorry for putting an identical thread.

Thank you, pasta salads would work for us.

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slippermaiden Sun 08-Jul-18 17:07:52

Slow cooker recipes? They don't cause a lot of heat.

AdaColeman Sun 08-Jul-18 17:14:57

Fish cooks quickly and can be served with salads such as potato salad or Russian salad, or quick to cook vegetables such as wilted spinach, fresh peas.
If you use a microwave, that will cut down on the heat in the kitchen too.

Martinimonster Sun 08-Jul-18 18:34:26

Type in nigella peanut noodle salad recipe it's so good and has great reviews.

kendrick69 Tue 10-Jul-18 21:03:29

During the summer I like to cook mostly seafood dishes. I don't know but I feel like they freshen the weather just by thinking that it's seafood.
My favorites are: Garlic Grilled Shrimps and
Smoked Oysters
Both these recipes taste great and don't require a lot of preparation or cooking time.

anascrecca Sun 15-Jul-18 07:18:20

All good ideas thank you. X

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miketrout1995 Fri 13-Dec-19 12:01:05

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