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school bake sale marshmallow crispy square thingies?

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Flamingoose Tue 03-Jul-18 08:28:45

Dd has requested that we make "those really sticky squares that are like rice crispies but stuck together with melted marshmallows" for the school bake sale.

I have no idea what she means. Anyone got a tried and trusted recipe?

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CrystalDeCanter Tue 03-Jul-18 08:31:11

Nigella has one here.

I haven't tried the recipe but dear Nigella has clearly lost it as she's stuck candles over them. hmm

shoofly Tue 03-Jul-18 08:33:45
Have made these. Really good and very easy

Flamingoose Tue 03-Jul-18 08:50:59

Awesome. Dead easy. Thank you!

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dizzydaisies Tue 03-Jul-18 09:00:25

I've done the Nigella ones and they're so good! Unusually for Nigella, they're not overly sweet like a lot of other recipes. Dead easy to make too.

elspethmcgillicuddy Tue 03-Jul-18 21:18:12

I second the nigella ones. I made these and kept sneaking bits from the fridge blush

I did add in some glacé cherries and raisins just to cut through the sickliness and they were really really good.

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