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Which sugarpaste icing...please?

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SickOfSitting Sun 01-Jul-18 19:02:34

Renshaw sugar paste is good. Is lovely to work with. smile

Dancingfairydreams Sun 01-Jul-18 18:35:22

Covapaste is amazing! Very easy to manipulate around a cake. Doesn't break as easily as supermarket stuff plus isn't as sweet. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do a grand job!

Haberpop Sun 01-Jul-18 18:33:14

Is there something on the market that is nicer than the usual sugarpaste you can buy in the supermarkets? We are going to be making and icing my daughter's wedding cakes so need to ice a 12in, a 9in and a 6in cake in white sugarpaste so we need to work out how much icing we need and which is the best one to use.

Why in the name of all things sensible did I agree to do this?

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