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Baby meal ideas

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penguinlady3857482 Fri 29-Jun-18 12:58:04

Doing this thread hoping for some feedback but also ideas on what to feed DD who is one. Trying my best to give her a good varied diet she has been abit fussy of late so concerned she's bored. Also hope my meal plan might give others ideas if they need them.

Breakfast is the same each day either cereal (alpha bites) or porridge and fruit. Would really like some more ideas? she has gone off eggs and only picks at toast.

Day one - I'm in work DH off so it's fairly simple.
Lunch - Cheese or chicken sandwich with cucumber sticks/salad
Dinner - Chicken or tuna sweet potatoe patties ( I make these in batches) with veg

Day two - nursery

Day three - Lunch - green mac n cheese (mac n cheese with some green veg in it)
Dinner - salmon with rice and peas

Day four - lunch - eggs and low salt and sugar beans on toast (DD has stopped eating the egg it's often just beans with abit of toast)
Dinner - spag Bol or cottage pie with veg

Day five lunch - tomatoes and basil pasta
Dinner - lentil and sweet potatoe patties with veg

Day six - lunch - cheese/peanut Butter/ chicken sandwich and salad
Dinner - either a curry or curried chicken pieces with chips and veg

Day seven - lunch repeat one of option she seemed to enjoy the most
Dinner - a roast dinner

These meals are not set in stone each day it's just a example. She barely ate her mac and cheese today though which she use to quite enjoy. Feel like she must be so bored. Ideas and feedback much appreciated!

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April45 Fri 29-Jun-18 22:48:56

You've got a mix of things, perhaps try mixing what goes with what for variation.

Our breakfasts are
Rice crisipies, cheerios, porridge, fruity toast, crumpets

Lunch .. wrap with dairylea and ham cut into little spirals, omlet with potato, sandwich, pasta, served with tomatoes cucumber crackers etc

Jamie Oliver and chick pea curry.. on his website, pie, casserole, spag bol, chilli but not hot

Keep trying new things, it's z good age to exoeriment

Blondie1984 Sat 30-Jun-18 01:14:27

For breakfast why not try making some oat pancakes or buying some crumpets? And maybe yoghurt with berries and oats sprinkled on top or toast with nut butter on?

For lunches/dinner I wonder if she might take eggs if you make them into a frittata? Sardines mashed with some ketchup on toast or with pasta is popular with my niece and so is fish pie
Hummus with pitta fingers, pasta with pesto...

penguinlady3857482 Sun 01-Jul-18 08:57:07

Thank you both got some great ideas. She's currently having peanut butter on toast for breakfast and definitely going to try the chickpea curry smile

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Icklepickle101 Sun 01-Jul-18 17:17:20

A few options we like to rotate

Crumpets, 3 ingredient pancakes, weetabix, malt loaf, eggy bread

Eggy bread, quiche, quesadilla, pitta pizza, loaded potato skins, falafel wraps, cous cous with fish or chicken, soup (low salt stock)

kateandme Sun 01-Jul-18 21:28:49

cheese toasties.
flat bread pizzas
tomato chicken and veggies wraps baked with cheese on top
franferter sausage and dolmio pasta
tuna mayo sweetcorn pasta
cheesie pasta broccoli and cherry tomato bake
soup and bread
egg and soldiers
eggy bread and fruit
condensed chicken soup and chicken and veggie crumble
shephard pie but with garlic bread top instead of potato
sausage and bean bake
roasted veggie couscous.
salmon and noodle foil parcels
salmon and sliced potato veggie parcles.
dauphiniois potatos and salmon

I think its ok to have less selection at breakie.just having a few family favourite and chosen selection of cereals.we certainly grew up on cornflakes/branfalkes and toastand then the other cereals were for treats or when wed been good at the supermarket haha.and I think it helped became the norm and we liked it and then never needed all this selction of cereals over breakie.but new we would have them sometimes to look forward to.

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