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Football Snacks

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ArtyFartyQueen Wed 27-Jun-18 22:14:55

DH is having some friends over tomorrow night and I said I’d do some snacks for them all. It’s so rare that he has friends over so I want to make the effort!

Any ideas of what I should make? I was thinking ribs, nachos and something sweet but would love some other ideas too!

J x

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Blondie1984 Thu 28-Jun-18 00:59:43

Hmm ribs can be really messy and tricky to eat so I would probably go for something like spicy chicken wings or drumsticks instead and maybe some home-made sausage rolls
Nachos sounds great - and I would also put out extra tortilla chips with plenty of guacamole and salsa and some spicy ketchup (great for dipping the chicken wings/drumsticks) and maybe some crudites (carrots, celery, cucumber)

For your something sweet, how about making a batch of brownies? Or you can buy a few of those packs of brownie squares, mini doughnuts etc

Ricekrispie22 Thu 28-Jun-18 06:12:40

I seem to cater for my OH's or DS's mates a lot. Here are the best recipes:

Mac and cheese muffins
Mini pitta pizzas
Little scotch eggs
Mini pulled pork sliders
Spicy potato wedges
Mini pitta pockets with sweet chilli chicken
Mini croque Monsieur

Breaded mozzarella sticks, garlic bread, onion rings and sausage rolls and also popular.

For sweet, I find that chunks of fridge cake, rocky road or millionaire's shortbread work well. I often do this recipe

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