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Brets crinkle cut crisps from france - best alternative in uk?

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springmachine Tue 26-Jun-18 22:38:39

Fell in love with Brets salt and malt vinegar crinkle cut crisps a few weeks ago.
Perfectly light, not oily with a lovely potato flavour and just the right amount of tang and sweetness from the vinegar.

I bought some back but they are all gone and I keep reminiscing about the crisps.

Can anyone suggest a decent alternative in the uk?

I've found them for sale on a French importers website but to buy just a few bags is going to cost £30+

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cdtaylornats Wed 27-Jun-18 08:04:21

Burts Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar - if you haven't got a local supplier you can buy a case of 20x40g at £14.99.

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