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OMG! Frozen green beans

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GahWhatever Tue 26-Jun-18 22:03:01

Food of the Gods!
I have been on the planet for 50-odd years, cooking for over 30 of them.
I occasionally buy frozen meat but, honestly, have spent the last 30 years buying and cooking fresh, (with or without batch cooking for the freezer) even though I have a full time career, family and community commitments. I was raised in the 70s by a Mum who embraced technology and frozen food and as a consequence I always believed that it was bland mush. The only frozen veg I have bought in the last 30 years were chips, peas, edamame and sweetcorn.
Tonight we had green beans which I bought frozen. They were completely and utterly delicious: a bit of bite but still cooked, no strings. Just heaven. I am clearly an idiot. What else can I buy frozen which is better than fresh?
Such an epiphany!

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Herja Tue 26-Jun-18 22:05:47

I too recently discovered frozen green beans! I've been using them for a green bean salad, just with finely chopped garlic, olive oil and salt.

Frozen chopped onion and frozen fresh herbs are good for cooking.

UrsulaPandress Tue 26-Jun-18 22:07:22

I only have peas but my memories of green beans have spurred me to buy sone.

StreetRat Tue 26-Jun-18 22:07:49

I used to buy them. Until one of my packets came with a fat green caterpillar in it. Floating around in the pan with the beans.

Thank fuck I didn't eat it envy

UrsulaPandress Tue 26-Jun-18 22:09:26

Changes mind.

chocolatespiders Tue 26-Jun-18 22:10:34

They sound great. I normally stick to frozen peas. Sometimes sprouts.

Where did you buy them?

InDubiousBattle Tue 26-Jun-18 22:10:47

I use frozen okra, mainly because dp hates it so I only make a small portion for myself occasionally. Not as nice as fresh but pretty good. I love frozen green beans too, especially with peas in thai curries.

I prefer tinned pears to fresh. There I said it!

Mymouthgetsmeintrouble Tue 26-Jun-18 22:15:15

I love a good frozen green bean

Cauliflowershower Tue 26-Jun-18 22:17:12

Frozen broad beans are also fab.

sproutsandparsnips Tue 26-Jun-18 22:18:35

I don't like them fresh, so frozen wouldn't cut it.
Raspberries in the other hand, in porridge with golden syrup......

PandaPieForTea Tue 26-Jun-18 22:19:13

I find frozen green beans really disappointing - they seem to have a watery texture unlike fresh ones. Is it me or the beans?

Lalaland44 Tue 26-Jun-18 22:27:22

We had frozen fine green beans (Aldi) today for the first time. They were delicious and very good value for a huge bag. I used to scoff at frozen veg but these were so lovely. Fresh green beans I’ve found go off so quickly, are expensive for the small quantity and are stringy too sometimes. I added a little butter and salt. Half with dinner and saved the rest to go cold and added to salad for work.

Herja Tue 26-Jun-18 22:30:24

I get aldi ones too and I steam rather than boil them. They've never been watery so far.

Fluffiest Tue 26-Jun-18 22:31:49

Frozen spinach is great. I throw it in to pasta dishes or to mix in with mashed potato. Really easy way of adding more veg to a meal.

LoniceraJaponica Tue 26-Jun-18 22:33:28

Like Panda I find them too watery as well

northernlites Tue 26-Jun-18 22:49:17

Frozen onions, I love
And I buy frozen butter nut squash, fabulous for roasting and soups
Frozen broccoli is pretty good, I buy this mainly for the kids but it's not bad at all!
I too was surprised

Youcouldbemysilversprings Tue 26-Jun-18 22:53:37

Big fan of frozen broccoli and frozen spinach and cabbage, also frozen sprouts and baby corn, frozen cauliflower. The only thing I dont like frozen is carrots they have a weird texture. Get thee to Iceland!

Longdistance Tue 26-Jun-18 22:54:58

Frozen green beans are great in a curry 😋

northernlites Tue 26-Jun-18 22:57:45

Also not a veg but ALDI frozen raspberries are great, I'm not likely to buy fresh again!

elephantoverthehill Tue 26-Jun-18 23:00:19

Better still if you grow and freeze your own smug. wink

QueenOfMyWorld Tue 26-Jun-18 23:00:40

I love tinned green beans more, remind me of my childhood

LemonysSnicket Tue 26-Jun-18 23:03:40

I have frozen chopped peppers, onions and garlic mush cubes as well as green beans and broccoli and quinoa - it saves me so much waste, prep and money.
And frozen they don't lose much of their nutritional value!

defineme Tue 26-Jun-18 23:12:36

I make curry with frozen garlic, ginger,onions, cauliflower and spinach (obviously I add other stuff too)
Pasta sauce usually includes frozen onions and peppers.
We eat frozen green beans and peas on the side. We also eat frozen spinach on the side, but it must be whole leaf and cook it uncovered in the microwave so it's not watery mush...add grated nutmeg and a squeeze of lemon..yum!

BawbagBiggins Tue 26-Jun-18 23:15:38

Frozen green beans, spread on a baking tray, drizzled with sesame oil, sprinkled with chilli flakes and roasted....heaven!

MrsSquiggler Tue 26-Jun-18 23:17:19

Frozen whole leaf spinach is lovely, and frozen garlic, ginger etc is really convenient. Just discovered frozen edamame which are brilliant

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