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Homemade Shirley temple?

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hellokittymania Sat 23-Jun-18 02:02:37

Is it just sprite, red food coloring, I don't have any of those cherries they put on it, what can I put instead? Red food coloring I think I could buy from Amazon. But is this the way there made?
I want to try something new. Does anybody have a good recipe for a homemade fruit punch? Or some other homemade type mock tail?

kissingfrog123 Sat 23-Jun-18 02:07:15

It is lemonade and grenadine, you can buy the tins of it in supermarkets, I know Waitrose do it.

Mountainsoutofmolehills Sat 23-Jun-18 02:17:38

rock shandy is, half sprite, half soda water, angustura bitters. Available from any DENCENT alcohol shop/super market.

Non alcoholic mimosa: Soda water 50/50 with fresh orange, lots of fruit, mint. I use frozen fruit.

Soda water, lemon juice, chopped mint, chopped cucumber. super fresh...

cold coffee, blended with ice and frozen banana, this is like an iced coffee

hellokittymania Sat 23-Jun-18 02:28:24

I love the coffee and a banana idea! I love coffee! The lemon and mint and cucumber one sounds good too.

concretesieve Sat 23-Jun-18 02:35:32

St Clement - TT Buck's Fizz. Half and half orange juice and fizzy lemonade. Lovely for this kind of weather.

SenecaFalls Sat 23-Jun-18 03:33:37

I've had non-alcoholic sangria that was very good. I don't have a recipe but there are several online that sound good, with grape juice and cranberry juice as the base.

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