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What can I have with a jacket potato

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MilkyCoffeeAndSkinnySyrup Thu 21-Jun-18 15:21:49

Except for beans and cheese? I don't have any mayonnaise so can't have tuna, either sad


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BrazzleDazzleDay Thu 21-Jun-18 15:22:52

Mac cheese!!

CarefullyDrawnMap Thu 21-Jun-18 15:24:03

Salt and butter.


acornsandnuts Thu 21-Jun-18 15:24:15

Coronation chicken

Grumpbum Thu 21-Jun-18 15:24:45

Salt, white pepper and butter.

Crashbangwhatausername Thu 21-Jun-18 15:25:23


Waitingonasmiley42 Thu 21-Jun-18 15:26:04

Cheese and pineapple

YessicaHaircut Thu 21-Jun-18 15:26:35

Cheese and coleslaw

Garlic & herb Boursin

AdaColeman Thu 21-Jun-18 15:27:29

Diced bacon and chopped tomato.

Fried onion and sliced sausage.

Scrambled egg.

frasier Thu 21-Jun-18 15:27:56

Have you got plain yoghurt? Use in place of mayo with any fish

Cottage cheese and tomatoes
Cauliflower/broccoli cheese

HaroldsSocalledBluetits Thu 21-Jun-18 15:27:57

Cauliflower cheese

CarefullyDrawnMap Thu 21-Jun-18 15:28:39

Have never had scrambled egg on a jacket potato > ponders <

Shampooeeee Thu 21-Jun-18 15:28:48

Pesto and cheese

Groovee Thu 21-Jun-18 15:28:51

I mix red onion in with tuna and don't have a sauce on it.

HaroldsSocalledBluetits Thu 21-Jun-18 15:29:08

Snap! Haven't tried broccoli cheese with it - that sounds good.

Skybluepinkwithyellowspots Thu 21-Jun-18 15:30:14

My absolute fave is....

Fry chopped bacon and onion until it's all crispy and yummy, fill jacket potato and top with grated cheese and baked beans on the side, bloody lovely!!

DailyMailFail101 Thu 21-Jun-18 15:31:27

Homemade chunky salsa!

Stephisaur Thu 21-Jun-18 15:32:54

I like chilli on mine.

DH used to have Chicken in White sauce, but I prefer that with rice.

Kitcat159 Thu 21-Jun-18 15:33:37

Salad and cold meat
Cut it in half, with butter and shove it in a roll
Put curry on it
Corned beef
Tuna and sweetcorn without the mayo
Tinned chunky stew/mince/pie filling
Scoop out the middle, add butter, cheese and chopped up bacon, put back in the skin and add a sprinkle of cheese then grill.
Roasted vegetables

I like jacket potatoes incase you hadn't gathered lol grin

kirta Thu 21-Jun-18 15:34:23

Corned beef and fried onion! Makes like a hash. Yum!!

CarefullyDrawnMap Thu 21-Jun-18 15:35:24

Shove it in a roll grin YES! This one.

Terfnserf Thu 21-Jun-18 15:38:47

Sour cream and pastrami, my favourite

lastqueenofscotland Thu 21-Jun-18 16:17:58

Chana masala
“Fajita” veggies
cream cheese and chive

WeeMadArthur Thu 21-Jun-18 16:20:33

Homemade salsa and cream cheese

BertieBotts Thu 21-Jun-18 16:23:53

Beans and corned beef

Garlic butter - maybe with fried mushrooms

Sweetcorn and ham

Leftover curry/stew/chilli/Bolognese etc

Fried mushrooms, bacon cubes and a fried egg

Loads of butter and chives

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