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Raspberries and Strawberries

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unusuallylongtoes Thu 21-Jun-18 09:46:02

Too many to eat but not enough for jam.
A wonderful problem but I don't want to waste them, they seem to rot very quickly.
Any fab puddings, ones that freeze even better.

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karmakameleon Thu 21-Jun-18 09:50:19

I made this strawberry milk and froze half to make lollies for the DC.

charityhallet Thu 21-Jun-18 09:52:26

This is absolutely amazing, but obviously won't freeze!

drspouse Thu 21-Jun-18 10:03:44

You can freeze them on baking trays, then when they are frozen you put them in tupperware or ziplock bags. Then you have them for smoothies another time (or just put a frozen one or two on porridge and it cools it down!)

unusuallylongtoes Thu 21-Jun-18 10:17:00

Thank you.
I've frozen raspberries before but not strawberries, don't they go mushy?
A whopping big, fruity pavlova it is.

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drspouse Thu 21-Jun-18 10:41:37

If you are going to use them in smoothies or on cereal it doesn't matter if they are a bit mushy?
(I've never frozen them myself but have used frozen ones in smoothies. But I have some in the freezer from the PYO right now...)

RB68 Thu 21-Jun-18 10:44:31

Dead easy to freeze - spread on tray freeze then bag - job done

But did you know you can make one or two pots of jam via microwave. Just don't let it go over or you pay in cleaning - lol

Am trying to grow raspberries this year - not convinced we will get any but contemplating PYO at the weekend so have some nice jam for village show...

bassackwards Thu 21-Jun-18 10:55:56

We harvested a huge amount of strawberries from our garden last week and had the same conundrum. In the end, we froze them whole so that we can use them later. You just need to remove the stems, rinse them, let them dry, arrange them (not touching each other) on a tray and pop them into the freezer overnight. Then store them in a big ziplock bag until you get a hankering for strawberry tarts, smoothies, coulis, etc smile

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