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Which Bamix shall I get?

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Mosaic123 Mon 18-Jun-18 09:34:41

Can anyone who owns a Bamix handblender advise me please?

My current stick blender has died after a few years of use and I'm going to invest in a Bamix.

In spite of reading their website I'm still unsure whether the cheapest one, which is still about £99 will do, or should I go higher in price?

I understand the main difference is in the speed of the motor and how many accessories you get included, although these can be bought separately.

Is the lower powered one OK speed and strength wise?

I would mainly use it to blend soups in the saucepan, whip cream and egg whites, also chop nuts, herbs and make breadcrumbs.

Does anyone have any advice and can name a model?

John Lewis don't seem to sell it anymore, at least not on their website.


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RamblinRosie Tue 03-Jul-18 01:25:56

DH bought me the Classic from Lakeland, I love it. (He bought it because it's Swiss engineering and he loves toys!). It's a solid little beast, I've used it for mayonnaise, whipped cream and the usual blitzing of soups, cheese and breadcrumbs.

It's worth watching the videos on utube to get the best from it.

Clarich007 Wed 05-Dec-18 21:44:13

We bought one from Lakeland on Saturday.Wasn't in stock but was free delivery.
Mine was £199 and is called Colour bamix or something like that.It's mango colour.Comes with 4 blades a stand and a coffee/ nuts seed herb grinder.3 different sized jugs with lids.
I've made a home made veg soup and a victoria sponge so far.Very impressed

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