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Make ahead meals

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Icklepickle101 Sun 17-Jun-18 10:52:46

Like batch cooking but without the cooking.

As well as the usual spag Bol/lasagne/cottage pie etc I want some ‘prepared meals’ in the freezer that just need cooking.

Things like chopped and seasoned peppers, onions & chicken for fajitas

I was thinking of marinating a lot of different meats and fish and chopping a load of veg so it’s like a pre prepared tray bake and I can choose a bag of meat and a bag of veg to bung in a tray. Are there any veg that don’t freeze well?

Any other suggestions for minimal fuss meals when DC2 finally arrives?

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Ricekrispie22 Sun 17-Jun-18 14:47:09

I make up batches of ratatouille, fried rice and mashed potato. I also do curry, stroganoff, chilli con carne.

And have you seen these?

Meatballs can be rolled and frozen raw or cooked completely then frozen.

This is my latest obsession. I make a large batch to freeze and get out how ever many we feel hungry for! Great for lunch and snacks too.

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