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Vegan recipe for lunch party - book recommendations?

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wentmadinthecountry Fri 15-Jun-18 20:50:54

It's my dad's 90th birthday and we're hosting a lunch - posted before and lots of lovely ideas. He's just emailed to say he's invited another couple and she's vegan.

I can do vegan - mainly curries/chilli type stuff - but want something nice and summer lunch suitable.

Can anyone recommend a book or website I could use for such occasions? Nothing with trendy ingredients that are too hard to obtain as we live pretty rurally

Would ideally like to incorporate more vegan recipes into our weekly meal plan too so quick would be good!


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myheartgoesout Fri 15-Jun-18 22:01:48

What are you making for lunch for the non vegans?

wentmadinthecountry Fri 15-Jun-18 23:03:27

Have rethought starters -will do sharing platters of fish (smoked salmon/prawns etc), meat - antipasti - and vegan - sweet potato falafels/baba ganousg/hummus /pitta/olives.

Was planning on salmon en croute and a Mary Berry boneless coq au vin thing but am not convinced - maybe a middle eastern/greek type theme would be good? Kleftiko? Dad and his wife are old but open to new ideas.

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myheartgoesout Fri 15-Jun-18 23:30:41

Middle eastern certainly works well for vegans and meat eaters and it’s summery.

LaContessaDiPlump Fri 15-Jun-18 23:33:47

No suggestions but wanted to thank you on behalf of vegans everywhere for being so accommodating op - many throw their hands up and provide a limp lettuce salad and crudities as the entirety of the vegan option flowers

Maplessglobe Fri 15-Jun-18 23:38:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maplessglobe Fri 15-Jun-18 23:40:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MyCatHasStaff Fri 15-Jun-18 23:43:22

Bosh is excellent and most recipes have how-to videos

wentmadinthecountry Sat 16-Jun-18 01:30:11

Thanks all - love Ottolenghi. I think I have a theme! Could never leave vegans with a salad. How rude would that be? Will aim to make everything vegan except the meat dishes.

Am really liking some recipes from here - recommended by a fb friend

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hellokittymania Sat 16-Jun-18 01:38:20

I only remember the vegan desserts! There is a chocolate mint thing that is amazing. If I can only find the recipe for it though. I was doing the eating, not the making of coarse!

I just have a feeling some Vietnamese or Southeast Asia foods would be good too. Just because you have so many vegetables and you can make so many dishes. Have you tried googling vegan Vietnamese food?

hellokittymania Sat 16-Jun-18 01:40:27

I told you I would find something vegan and Vietnamese food, didn't know? 😂

wentmadinthecountry Sat 16-Jun-18 10:40:15

I'm loving some of those Bosh! recipes, and it's vegan Vietnamese tryout night tonight at home! I love new recipes.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

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SequinsOnEverything Sat 16-Jun-18 10:44:28

Most of my recipies come from feed me vegan and oh she glows, with a few from deliciously ella. I think they all have websites, although feed me vegan might not.

Are you making cake? I just made cake from a really good recipe last week if you are. I'd love you forever if you'd made me a vegan cake.

Loyaultemelie Sat 16-Jun-18 11:09:54

Bosh is brilliant and really quite easy. Vegan chocolate mousse made with aquafaba (chickpea water whipped) is really easy and fools my fussy 8 year old on a regular basis. Dark chocolate and cherry trifle with agar agar for the jelly is easy (1 spoonful of agar agar is equivalent to 1 spoonful of powder gelatine and it takes on a good flavour in either cherry juice or kirsch) oatley cream can be whipped and thickened with a spoonful of either xanthan gum (easier!) or arrowroot and cider vinegar and oatley cream with vegan Bailey's thickened is an even nicer filling <worries slightly that all puddings seem to involve alcoholconfused oh well >

myheartgoesout Sat 16-Jun-18 11:52:18

@Loyaultemelie Can you give us further details on how to thicken, flavour and generally make more use out of Oatly Cream - we are dairy, coconut and soy free so Oatly is a bit of a hero product for us.

This [[ Quinoa salad]] is so easy and a real family favourite - can be made in advance too.

myheartgoesout Sat 16-Jun-18 11:53:45

Talk about link fail grin hmm

Loyaultemelie Sat 16-Jun-18 12:53:24

@myheartgoesout I am really lazy usually so I started with this one from Amazon and add about a teaspoon at first when whipping and go from there adding another if needed (warm weather or the vegan Bailey's you will need more) but the Tesco free from xanthan gum will work just as well with a quarter teaspoon of icing sugar just check there's no sneaky ingredients in the icing sugar

myheartgoesout Sat 16-Jun-18 13:01:55

@Loyaultemelie flowers

LaContessaDiPlump Sat 16-Jun-18 13:52:02

I misread the op last night because I am dumb. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Much More Veg is excellent (all vegan) and his 3 good things also has lots of accidentally vegan offerings.

wentmadinthecountry Sat 16-Jun-18 17:37:52

Sequins, I thought I could do some vegan cupcakes? Have already asked someone else to make a cake for me. Would love a recipe if you have one please - so many out there!

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myheartgoesout Sat 16-Jun-18 18:11:40

You can make a good vegan treacle tart and serve it warm with some vegan Ice cream - the Swedish Glace stuff isn't bad at all. Or homemade choc chip & ginger (dark choc of course!) cookies with ice-cream.

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