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KEBABS love em or hate em?

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jenk1 Tue 22-May-07 15:06:02

i used to hate them, the sight of them made me want to heave but when i was pg with dd 4 years ago i craved them and i dont know why, now i love them

just a pointless poll really!!!!!

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oliveoil Tue 22-May-07 15:07:29

hate them

what the hell sort of 'meat' is it?

no way

at a push, I used to eat those chicken tikka kebab ones that actually were meat, on a skewer thing

but I don't do fast food as a rule

Talcyoyo Tue 22-May-07 15:07:43

need one about twice a year
with lot of chilli sauce

MaureenMLove Tue 22-May-07 15:08:24

Shop ones or home made ones?

Shop ones, I used to hate and now adore a kofte kebab, with a little bit of doner meat on the side!

Homemade ones. Boring, boring chicken, but dh is on a diet, so we eat them alot!

jenk1 Tue 22-May-07 15:09:51

shop ones
and also the ones you can get from supermarkets are quite nice tesco do a minted lamb spicy beef one.

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JARM Tue 22-May-07 15:25:17

ooooooh, dont start this again! I was craving doner kebabs a few weeks ago (am 13wks pg) but managed to put it aside and ignore it.... now I REALLY want one!

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 22-May-07 15:26:59

hate, but I love the chilli sauce which just can't be reproduced.
I occasionally buy a pitta with salad and sauce in it, but never the meat.

Aloha Tue 22-May-07 15:33:20

I am scared of them!

Aloha Tue 22-May-07 15:33:55

I assume you mean those vast, revolving, sweating lumps of gristle?

lulumama Tue 22-May-07 15:39:25

we get one once in a while, from the fab place in town..who gets all his meat from a great butcher, don;t have the doner ..either lamb or veg with extra chilli sauce, had one the night before i woke up in labour with DD...i think that started me off

teafortwoandtwofortea Tue 22-May-07 15:42:14

As long as I don't think about the contents, love 'em! (I see it as a bit like my yearly big mac )

wurlywurly Tue 22-May-07 15:44:27

for JARM

LoveAngel Tue 22-May-07 15:46:23

I'll eat freshly-made shish kebabas (well, chicken ones, I don't do lamb), but not those manky doner kebabs from kebab shops. Looks suspiciously like a mangy stray dog thats been skinned and impaled on a railing, that doner thing does. Sorry. Pregnancy cravings are weird things though, eh?

urstingug Tue 22-May-07 15:55:58

Mmmmmmmmmm Me & DH hae een wanting one of these for ages

JARM Tue 22-May-07 16:39:14

THANKS wurly.... i REALLY REALLY want one now!

PinkChick Tue 22-May-07 16:42:11

ooooooooooooooohh I WANT A KEBAB NOW

lou33 Tue 22-May-07 16:52:16

love the thought of them but never manage to eat a whole one

Sugarfree Tue 22-May-07 16:55:31

Twirling skinned elephant leg?
No ta.
Last one I had,I was 23 weeks with ds1(13) and was so sick I had to get the dr out.

bossykate Tue 22-May-07 16:57:57

do you mean doner a la nasty takeaways? blech.

real turkish lamb shish - yum.

yaddayah Tue 22-May-07 17:08:56

never ever had one

mrsnec Thu 19-Oct-17 17:14:58

I was back in the UK for the first time in 8 years last week.

My parents took me out for a very posh meal in a local seafood restaurant while DH and his pal went out on the town.

(I'm a foodie. DH isn't)

I ate most of DH"s donner meat chilli cheeseburger when he got in as I was still hungry! Guess what I enjoyed more!

And where I live I can get proper kebabs!

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