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If I wrote a book about soup would anyone buy it?

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GahWhatever Mon 11-Jun-18 12:09:44

I am not famous, or a chef.
I am really good at soup though. Friends ask for soup as gifts.
I can make soup out of almost anything and I can make soup for almost nothing. I'm writing lots of them down for the DC as they head off to uni.

If a nobody wrote a book of just soup recipes, info and hints and tips would you/anyone buy it?

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NeverHadANickname Mon 11-Jun-18 12:11:13

I would. I love cooking but sometimes it can be hard to get enough flavour into soup, especially non blended ones. It would have to be recommended or have lots of reviews though I suppose if I didn't recognise who had written it.

GahWhatever Mon 11-Jun-18 13:11:15

Thanks Nickname. I suspect that one buyer isn't enough to get a publishing deal..but if it ever happens you'll get a copy just for being positive!

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NeverHadANickname Mon 11-Jun-18 13:13:22

Aw excellent, thank you very much! I promise to review it wherever I can for you.

TellMeDinosaurFacts Mon 11-Jun-18 13:13:30

Could you start by writing a blog with regular soup recipes to build up a readership?

ChardonnaysPrettySister Mon 11-Jun-18 13:16:51

I have a lovely book on soups, so you’d a suppose people do buy books on soup.

NeverHadANickname Mon 11-Jun-18 13:19:05

Just to add, the hints and tips would appeal to me. I love Nigellas books with her stories and such like in, I like to know why things work or alternatives for different things.

DownUdderer Mon 11-Jun-18 13:20:56

People might buy it, I don’t think you’ll get much more than 5 pence per book though. But you can self publish these days but you’d absolutely have to publicize yourself

Lucked Mon 11-Jun-18 13:26:25

I think a blog is a good idea or a YouTube channel if you are up to filming them.

SneakyGremlins Mon 11-Jun-18 13:27:25

I'd read a blog certainly smile

SkinnyForSummer Mon 11-Jun-18 13:29:03

I have several books on soup. Have you shared any recipes on here?

LupinsNotBluebells Mon 11-Jun-18 13:29:10

I'd say don't set up a blog if you're going to want to write a book - you wouldn't be the first person to be ripped off by mor established chefs seeking recipes to pass off as their own.

Have think about your USP - is it the health aspect of using lots of veg, getting more flavour into soup, keeping costs down etc.

Jozxyqk Mon 11-Jun-18 13:30:10

I have a book of soup recipes. A Youtube channel or blog is a good idea. Promote yourself before doing a book.

3stonedown Mon 11-Jun-18 13:37:05

I'd read a blog. I don't tend to actually use any recipe books, everything in online so I don't buy them anymore

raisinsraisins Mon 11-Jun-18 13:48:05

Yes, but you'd need to include a chapter on soup makers.

Tenko Mon 11-Jun-18 13:49:49

I doubt you'd sell many. Non-fiction is dead really.
Soup is so easy to make that those who can be bothered will already do it. If I want a new recipe nowadays I just google. I've got rid of most of my recipe books as they are redundant.

Ickyockycocky Mon 11-Jun-18 13:53:45

No, I make soup and it’s lovely. I think it’s pretty easy to be honest.

AlpacaLypse Mon 11-Jun-18 14:04:48

I'm afraid I rely entirely on the internet for recipes these days.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Mon 11-Jun-18 16:24:01

I use a lot of recipes from different websites but there are some problems with that.

One of my favourite sites is not accessible from the UK anymore and I lost all of my recipes.

SoyDora Mon 11-Jun-18 16:26:41

Probably not, because I already have 4 cook books devoted entirely to soup!

BiggerBoat1 Mon 11-Jun-18 16:29:16

There are some good soup recipe books already. Lakeland have a good one.

I have loads of cookbooks but never use them. I just use the online BBC good food because it is so quick to search. I wonder if printed cookbooks have had their day?

Blondie1984 Mon 11-Jun-18 16:51:29

Depends on if/how it would be different to all the other ones out there

SandyY2K Tue 12-Jun-18 19:25:54

I wouldn't as I refer to Google. It's all online and saves space.

cdtaylornats Tue 12-Jun-18 20:42:19

It's been done

witchofzog Tue 12-Jun-18 20:43:51

Me me me!! I would love this. I adore soup. Please can I have a complimentary copy too smile

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