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Mushroom lasagna recipe

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duplodancer Sun 10-Jun-18 14:21:47

Has anyone got a good mushroom lasagna recipe?

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AsAProfessionalFekko Sun 10-Jun-18 14:23:44

Porcini is your secret weapon!
I usuall make a big standard napoli sauce (onion, garlic, carrot and onion base) a little chunkier than usuall and add procini and button mushrooms for the 'body'.

Usual cheese sauce though.

Wavescrashingonthebeach Sun 10-Jun-18 14:33:11

When using dried mushrooms- get a big pack from a wholesalers or ethnic shop. So much more economical than them little diddy supermarket bags!!!
Soak overnight or at least a few hours in cold water. Strain & keep the soaking liquid, it's amazing & gives dishes a yummy savoury depth.
I like to use a mix of dried & fresh mushrooms. Chestnut mushrooms over white.
Yum. I love mushrooms so so much 😂

Wavescrashingonthebeach Sun 10-Jun-18 14:35:53

I dont have a recipe as such as I rarely follow them, but what fekko said above sounds spot on 😁

AsAProfessionalFekko Sun 10-Jun-18 14:39:30

I soak the porcini on hot water in a clear jug and fish out the porcini with a slotted spoon.

I leave the liquid for a few mins to settle then slowly and carefully pour the top part and stop before you get all the nasty gritty stuff at the bottom!

Wavescrashingonthebeach Sun 10-Jun-18 15:19:23

Yes hot water if i want ready quicker but you do lose some flavour, the longer time you have the cooler the water can be. But sometimes i just want mushrooms asap grin !
I do mine in a big pyrex. If you line a sieve with tissue/muslin & stick a bowl under you can collect the yummy liquid & no bits. Then just rinse your mushies to get the grit off. Lots of diff ways smile

YoucancallmeVal Sun 10-Jun-18 15:44:11

HFW 's kale and mushroom lasagne is gorgeous.

karmakameleon Sun 10-Jun-18 16:14:02

Haven't tried this recipe but never had a fail from the smitten kitchen website.


Nowwhyareyoucrying Sun 10-Jun-18 16:21:23

I second Vals HFW's kale and mushroom lasagne recommendation, it's bloody lovely!

duplodancer Sun 10-Jun-18 19:15:55

Ooh thank you! Much appreciated. Spoilt for choice now.

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