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Sandwich fillers

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Londonborough Sun 10-Jun-18 09:49:11

Please tell me about your best homemade sandwich fillers recipes, other than egg/prawn/tuna mayo. Non-pork of course grin

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Raven88 Sun 10-Jun-18 09:51:20

Hummus and red peppers. Cheese (I don't eat dairy so I use Violife) and with tomatoes. Chutney and tofu.

Lifebeginner Sun 10-Jun-18 09:53:47

Grilled halloumi and hummus. Pesto and capsicum/zucchini. Caprese with basil, tomato and bocconcini is delicious too. Roast pumpkin and halloumi go really nicely too.

AsAProfessionalFekko Sun 10-Jun-18 09:56:00

Soft cheese mixws up with diced pickles - lovely!

AdaColeman Sun 10-Jun-18 09:56:08

Avocado and bacon.
Sardines & lemon juice.
Cream cheese, smoked salmon & cucumber.

AsAProfessionalFekko Sun 10-Jun-18 09:56:36

Fake bacon is rather nice.

Kraggle Sun 10-Jun-18 09:56:54

Grated carrot and grated cheese mixed with mayo.

ProudThrilledHappy Sun 10-Jun-18 09:58:53

I have a few “weird” fillings that people at work look a bit horrified by but are lovely.

Grated mature cheddar and apple, all mixed up
Peanut butter and banana
Feta and chorizo chunks

Are my favourites

Ricekrispie22 Sun 10-Jun-18 10:57:28

Coronation chicken
Pesto chicken and tomato
Beef and horseradish
Crab with lemon, chilli and parsley Mayo
Spread one slice of bread with a thin layer of honey, the other slice with a thin layer of mustard. Add chicken and tomato. Enjoy!

AnnaBay Sun 10-Jun-18 11:05:43

-Grilled peppers and halloumi
-Turkish sausage called sucuk with jarlsberg cheese, avocado, tomato and cracked back pepper.
- chicken, spring onion, walnuts and cream cheese.

sociopathsunited Tue 12-Jun-18 11:38:26

Peanut butter with dates

Homemade red lentil pate

Cheese, apple and celery in mayo

Coleslaw with a layer of chopped salted cashew nuts.

Cucumber and smoked cheese (sliced as thin as you can get it)

Spinach and hoummous

Turkey "bacon" with tomato and lettuce

Red pesto with cheese and salad

Egg and cress

GahWhatever Tue 12-Jun-18 11:45:38

Rare roast beef, smear of horseradish, thickly sliced vine ripened tomatoes, real butter, good wholemeal bread.

Grilled peppers and mozzarella in warm ciabatta with a smear of pesto (add grilled onions/courgettes etc as you prefer).

Grated cheese mixed with chilli mayo, grated onion and very finely chopped chilli. mix and leave in fridge for a day before you use it.

Fried egg, butter on both slices but a smear or marmite on one side only. Doesn't need any more seasoning. Surprisingly this works hot or cold.

GahWhatever Tue 12-Jun-18 11:46:10

On the beef one, forgot the rocket! tomatoes and rocket a must!

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