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Cheap easy family meals...

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Tinks15 Thu 07-Jun-18 21:18:17

throw your recipes at me please. Stuck in a rut & seem to be cooking the same old thing like spag bol, chilli, cottage pie, chicken curry. Need some new ideas.

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EyeRolls Thu 07-Jun-18 21:35:37

Tinned potatoes...;

Roast them and serve with anything you have in- mid week I would do with sausages & broccoli

Chop them and Fry them and add kids love a tin of tuna, a tin of sweet corn and some grated cheese on top. Really quick meal...

Mash them with a tin of sardines, add chopped bread, cream cheese and anything else you fancy, make into balls, chill in fridge and then fry or bake in oven for cheap fish cakes

Microwave rice;

add a hand full of veggies and some chopped bacon / chorizo and heat through in a frying pan / wok

Or, serve with chopped cucumber and natural yogurt and leftover roast chicken

Or serve with grated carrot, grated cheese, ham/beef/meat of choice or that you have in and tortillas and let them make their own wraps

AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 07-Jun-18 22:55:51

Puff pastry tart with tomato and mozzarella
Paprika chicken skewers
Tuna, sweet potato and chilli fishcakes
Roasted veg fritata
Falafel and pitas
Tuna pasta bake
Stuffed peppers
Honey and mustard salmon fillets with new potatoes and salad

Ricekrispie22 Fri 08-Jun-18 06:59:52

The cheapest and easiest forms of protein are usually tinned beans, chickpeas, tinned tuna and eggs.
Special fried rice
This lighter toad in the hole takes just 5 minutes prep
Use chicken sausages to make this really quick and easy
This is a winner when friends come round!
Cheap and quick 'pot noodle'. Recipe is for one but easily multiplied.
I also use a lot of couscous in the summer. It's so cheap and just takes 15minutes to prepare being soaked in boiling water. You can buy packets of flavoured couscous for about 50p. My DC love the Mediterranean one which I add chunks of feta cheese and chopped cucumber and tomato.

n0ne Fri 08-Jun-18 08:39:15

Kedgeree - my kids love this. Boil rice and hard boil eggs. Flake some smoked mackerel fillets. Take eggs out to peel and chop, chuck frozen peas in the egg water to boil. Mix everything together.

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