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Decorating a chocolate biscuit cake

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secretgirl Thu 07-Jun-18 09:23:01

I'm making a chocolate biscuit cake for an occasion. I've never decorated one before so I'm looking for the best way to make it look fancy . I've read about chocolate ganache and chocolate butter cream but I'm unsure want to go with. I have to travel with it in the car for over an hour.
Any experiences??
Thank you x

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OohMavis Thu 07-Jun-18 09:29:03

Buttercream is simpler to decorate with in terms of piping, imo. But ganache tastes 100% better and is less sickly-sweet.

Both would hold up fine in a car as long as it's not too hot.

Tricky one!

I think for simplicity I'd go for buttercream actually.

secretgirl Thu 07-Jun-18 09:43:19

Thanks so much for the reply.
I think I'll try the ganache if it tastes better. I've found some different recepies some with butter some not. Do you know which would be better to go with? Which would be thicker?

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OohMavis Thu 07-Jun-18 09:59:09

I never add butter, it's just for shine and I find it unecessary.

If you follow the correct ratio for the chocolate you're using (milk, dark etc) and cool it completely it should behave just like a thick, smooth icing. You could then whip it to give it a lightness if you wanted but I never bother, I like how thick and fudgy it is on a cake grin

BalloonFlowers Thu 07-Jun-18 10:06:59

Solid chocolate on chocolate biscuit cake.

It doesn't go (imo) with butter cream. Ganache would be ok - I'd increase the chocolate in it tho, as the cake is so solid.

secretgirl Fri 08-Jun-18 08:40:22

Thanks both.
I've made the cake and it looks greatest I'm gonna put the ganache on it tonight. I'll let you know how it goes smile

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