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Great places to eat in London (alone)?

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Titsywoo Mon 04-Jun-18 16:55:32

I'm going to stay in London by myself for a couple of nights in the middle of this month (bit of me time!). I'm not particularly self conscious about eating alone for meals out but I appreciate some places may be better than others for this! Mostly though I want to try some great food and would appreciate ideas smile


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Westnorwood Mon 04-Jun-18 17:35:38

My new love is Bao. Go to the fitzrovia one, it is all counter seating.

MakeLemonade Mon 04-Jun-18 17:42:06

I’d go to Kricket in SoHo, so good! Indian tapas and the samphire pakora and bhel puri are just delicious.

The Ned is good for eating alone - so much people watching to do! You could sit at the counter in Cecconis (Italian) or The Malibu Kitchen (healthy Californian vibe) and there is Zobler’s (Jewish deli).

Bocca di Lupo is good too.

I’m a big fan of home slice if want a quick eat, such good pizza, there is one by seven dials.

midsomermurderess Fri 08-Jun-18 21:51:54

Yalla Yalla, Lebanese's 'Street food', one, very small restaurant, in Soho, another of Oxford Street. No one seems to bother if it's just you.

YoucancallmeVal Sat 09-Jun-18 09:21:39

Boulevard in Covent garden. Lovely food and service.

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