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Do double chocolate doughnuts still exist?

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Supermagicsmile Fri 01-Jun-18 05:40:23

We used to get them in the canteen at school as teenagers. About 12 years ago I found them in waitrons bakery once (there isn't one near me now.)

They were choc doughnuts with a delicious choc inside like melted choc, rather than that artificial choc sauce that seem to be in doughnuts these days.

Doe anywhere sell them? I have a cracing for one!!

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Ricekrispie22 Fri 01-Jun-18 06:06:42

These are pretty good!

Strax Fri 01-Jun-18 06:20:57

Lidl have just started doing Nutella filled doughnuts which are half covered in chocolate. I don't like doughnuts so haven't eaten one but they went down well with my kids!

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