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What's the last recipe you made from a cookery book? And which book?

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Bluesheep8 Sun 27-May-18 10:20:01

I made Ghana masala or "workers curry" from a great book called "made in India, cooked in Britain" it's a really tasty and authentic chickpea and tomato curry which we enjoyed last night and will have the leftovers for lunch. How about you? Recipe and cook book please....

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Bluesheep8 Sun 27-May-18 10:20:58

CHANA MASALA!!!!! bloomin phone confused

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viques Sun 27-May-18 10:32:00

I made fish fry from chal, chaat and chutney by chetna Mayan (her off bake off a few years ago). I did moong dal from the same book as well. Delicious, but hard work keeping Track,of what went in what. Served with coconut rice and a coriander,onion,cucumber and chilli salad.

I am doing her fish curry later, it's a great book.

i need a cook book for Indian food! I also have the three sisters one, but prefer Chetna.

bushtailadventures Sun 27-May-18 10:51:11

Not helpful, but Old-Fashioned Ginger Cake, from a 1950's Good Housekeeping cookery book. It's wonderful, tells you how to cook everything, from breakfast eggs to full roasts, even tells you how to make tea and coffee 'properly'

whatareyoueatingNOW Sun 27-May-18 15:28:20

Strawberry shortcakes from Nigella domestic goddess in the oven now. She's usually trustworthy in baking and I think it's one of her best books, so I'm hoping they'll be nice.

Made in India is such a wonderful book. I've cooked most of the recipes in it. If you haven't already try the mums chicken curry and the aubergine and tomato curry. The dhal and lamb burgers too. And the chutneys, and the kachumber salad (can you tell it's one of my favourites? grin)

Bluesheep8 Tue 29-May-18 08:54:33

Yes I love Made in India too. I've made mum's chicken curry and Daily Dhal loads of times, the dhal is a firm fave in our house. I've also made some of the chutneys. Plan to try some of the fish curries next. The food I've made from this book so far is NOTHING like the curries we've come to know from restaurants in the UK and I love to read the author's stories about each dish . It's a lovely book.

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Pantah630 Wed 30-May-18 11:00:09

The coconut fish curry is a staple in our house, I add in frozen raw prawns for the last couple of minutes cooking time as well. Switching the fish around to what we've got in the freezer or fresh and adding different veg as well. It's one of my favourite cookbooks and the most used.

Deathraystare Wed 06-Jun-18 19:23:15

Bushtail - I had a GH cookery book from the 1970's. It was still advising women to cook their husbands a 'good' breakfast' (basically a fry up !)

Xiaoxiong Wed 06-Jun-18 23:51:28

I made the chilli and fennel pork roast from Diana Henry's cookbook Simple and it was amazing. I borrowed it from the library but I'm going to have to go buy it as I'm using it so much!!

I also made the walnut sourdough from the Modern Baker cookbook, also a winner (though I can't get the nice lines on my bread, I need to get some of those bamboo baskets for the dough to sit in when it's rising!

Hobbes8 Wed 06-Jun-18 23:59:39

I came onto say a recipe from Fresh India, which is by the same author. I've made several things from it and they've all been awesome. The latest was potato cakes with green chilli, ginger, cumin, spinach and peas, served with a lime raita. Awesome.

Also the blue cheese puff from the Dirty Diet book is really nice.

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