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What cake should I bake for tonight?

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Notfromanywhere Wed 23-May-18 14:14:19

DH and I are invited to a new friend's house on the weekend and I've said I'll be bringing a cake. Although I'm a reasonably confident baker for some reason I'm feeling a bit nervous about it and have changed my mind a million times about what cake I should make - any ideas? I'm tossing up between a carrot cake or something a bit more fiddly like this Ottolenghi beauty:

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cheeseandchoc Wed 23-May-18 14:18:17

I love a good carrot cake (no raisins) with an orange cream cheese frosting.
Sometimes the simple things are the best!

LetItGoToRuin Wed 23-May-18 14:22:16

If they’re new friends I’d pitch it towards something simple that you can do well. If they turn out to be the ‘relaxed’ catering sort, they might be put to shame if you turn up with something elaborate. If they are ‘posh’ cooks they will still enjoy something if it tastes really delicious or is a ‘classic’.

I think your idea of carrot cake would fit the bill! Alternatively, you could go for something summery like lemon drizzle? Or a simple Victoria sponge? Or make little butterfly cakes?

Notfromanywhere Wed 23-May-18 14:41:32

Just realised my title should say weekend, not tonight!

Because it's a new friend who's hosting the dinner it's difficult to say how fancy it'll be. I'm inclined to go for the carrot cake because it's always worked well but I hope it doesn't look too simple! Might try and jazz it up a bit with some candied nuts or something.

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