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Batch cooking for 9 month +

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K80E Tue 22-May-18 11:06:58


I'll be returning back to work soon as my maternity leave finishes in about a month and a half time. My baby will be 9 months old, DH isn't much of a chef! So need ideas of meals I can cook in batch and then put in the freezer for DH to just throw in the microwave to heat up. I'm going back to work full time so would like these ideas to be easy to make!

Thanks in advance!

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K80E Tue 22-May-18 16:36:07


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CottonSock Tue 22-May-18 16:38:22

Make what she likes. Nothing worse than batch cooking to be wasted. Fish pie, pasta, curry, stews, soups, Annabel karmel cookbook is useful

Ricekrispie22 Tue 22-May-18 18:21:48

Easy fish cakes
Quick and easy tagine
Speedy sausage bolognese
Mini fritatta muffins

K80E Tue 22-May-18 21:08:31

Thank you for replies

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