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What relatively unknown local dish do you love?

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JoshMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 18-May-18 15:14:47

In our Ramadan episode of How We Eat, we found out about haleem - a Pakistani dish (check it out here, it was really tasty!

It got us thinking.... What local dish/cuisine do you love that relatively few people know about in this country? For me it's a Ghanian dish called waakye -

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Cuppaqueen Fri 18-May-18 15:30:18

Sichuan dry fried beans 😋 - we live in China and they're on virtually all the local menus. Sooooo good!

happysunr1se Fri 18-May-18 22:33:26

I like Chinese sweet soups like red bean with coconut milk and tangerine peel or mango with condensed milk and Pomelo.

AndMiffyWentToSleep Mon 04-Jun-18 20:48:15

Aw man, I LOVE waakye! And red red! And kelewele. All also Ghanaian. Wish I could cook them myself. It’s been too long...

Blondie1984 Mon 04-Jun-18 23:00:34

A French cake called gateau Basque - a buttery almondy cake which is filled with a creamy custard and some form of dried or preserved fruit like cherries

Weedsnseeds1 Tue 05-Jun-18 22:54:49

Phoenix claws - a Chinese chicken feet dish. Tastes great, sounds awful.
Locally - chitterlings ( pigs intestines) fried and served with vinegar and pepper.
Bath chaps ( cured pig cheeks - like mini York hams)
Thunder and lightning -bread spread with clotted cream and black treacle
Slider -cider infused with the sloes left over from sloe gin

midsomermurderess Wed 06-Jun-18 23:00:37

Cullen Skink, a creamy soup made with haddock and potatoes. Perhaps it's quite well known though.

LapsedHumanist Thu 07-Jun-18 16:32:21

Chiperones in Spain. Little squid.

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