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Easy transportable British starter

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TricksyLiesmith Tue 15-May-18 14:28:29

We are going for dinner at a friends house this weekend . We are bringing the starter for 8 people . Requirements are something either make ahead or quick to do at someone else's house , no shellfish and a 'best of British ' theme .

Any suggestions!?

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glitterbiscuits Tue 15-May-18 14:32:58

Mini leek and Caerphilly cheese quiche?

ErrolTheDragon Tue 15-May-18 14:35:10

It's British asparagus season, so how about asparagus tip and goats cheese tarts? (There are loads of British goats cheeses, we have several local ones)

CryHavoc Tue 15-May-18 14:37:28

Make soup. Easy to transfer, and spring is a perfect time for British veg.

Peachydream Tue 15-May-18 14:37:34

I got Diana Henry's new book and that has themed menus, This was one of her British dishes.

We had it over the weekend and it was amazing- however, very garlicy, I would put less in than the recipe. serve with a bitter salad and dressing.

LIZS Tue 15-May-18 14:38:34

Smoked mackerel pate, smoked salmon, tomato soup,

LockedOutOfMN Tue 15-May-18 14:38:55

Pork pie, quiche or tart with seasonal filling.

WingMirrorSpider Tue 15-May-18 14:39:57

Nice homemade or posh scotch eggs with some nice salad.

TricksyLiesmith Tue 15-May-18 15:05:11

Some great ideas here . I was trying to avoid soup to avoid a Mrs overall situation in the car on the way over despite Tupperware .

Asparagus idea sounds good though. Mini scotch eggs too

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TricksyLiesmith Tue 15-May-18 15:06:28

That cheddar tart sounds lovely @Peachydream

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FawnDrench Tue 15-May-18 18:55:17

Some lovely ideas here

sashh Thu 17-May-18 12:23:02

Yorkshire pudding and gravy - take the batter with you so you only need to bung it in the oven.

Asparagus wrapped in ham or smoked salon and baked in the oven. I put a layer of mustard between the asparagus and the ham.

Cheese straws - maybe you would need something else with it.

Sheet of puff pastry, buy ready rolled. Light layer of dijon mustard, sprinkle with a grated hard cheese, score with a knife and bake for 10 mins, then break it along the score lines.

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