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Summer meal ideas

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mussie Tue 15-May-18 13:18:41

I am stuck in a rut of making stews, pastas and curries as I've done all winter. Now we're into the nice weather and I'm getting far too hot eating all this hot food!

I can't remember what on earth I was cooking during summer last year, so I desperately need some ideas for meals that won't make me melt in a pool of sweat. Or do I really just need to spend a few months eating only salad and burgers?

It's just me and DH, so don't necessarily need meals that can be scaled up. Although I do love leftovers grin

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lastqueenofscotland Tue 15-May-18 13:57:48

Nice salads
Lighter pasta dishes
Hallumi and veg skewers
Cous cous/rice dishes
Falafel and hummous and nice bread

AtleastitsnotMonday Tue 15-May-18 16:31:45

I tend to just keep things simple, so hot food but dishes that can be thrown in the oven and left.
Fish always seems more summery, simply oven baked with whatever herb and spices I fancy.
Chicken skewers
Quiche or fritata
I’m not a fan of burgers in buns but make nice veggie or bean burgers and just serve with salad.
Pasta dishes with lighter sauces, or just simple ingredients stirred through, things lemon juice or chilli oil, prawns, pancetta, cherry tomatoes etc

Ricekrispie22 Tue 15-May-18 16:39:05

I love packets of flavoured couscous. They take just 15 minutes to prepare and no need to turn the hob or oven on! They come in flavours like lemon and coriander, sundried tomato, Mediterranean roast vegetables etc... I add things like chickpeas, crumbled feta cheese or left-over cooked chicken, cherry tomatoes, peppers etc... for a nice cold summer meal.
My family tends to eat more fish in the summer. Fish cakes are light and summery served with a green salad.
I also make lots of tarts and quiches which are fine eaten cold. This is one of my favourites. It's so quick and easy, yet very tasty

calzone Tue 15-May-18 16:42:57

Cooked chicken, new potatoes and salad.



Pasta is good any time of year.

Lmj25 Tue 15-May-18 16:46:04

Jacket potatoes with various fillings & a salad

SergeantPfeffer Tue 15-May-18 16:53:14

I love middle eastern food in summer, so things like fattoush (herby salad with toasted bread), Greek salad, tabbouleh, aubergine salad, fattet (warm chickpeas with yoghurt, tahini and toasted bread), rice with onions and lentils, falafel with tahini sauce. I love the lemony, minty, chilli flavour combinations. Can highly recommend Palestine on a plate by Joudi Kalla if you’re looking for inspiration!

Icklepickle101 Tue 15-May-18 17:48:44

I’m so much better at summer food than winter.

This week
Green bean, garlic, courgette, onion, halved new potato and cod coated in pesto tray bake with lemon wedges

Fruity cous cous with lamb koftas and yoghurt

Butternut squash, kale, pomegranate seed and halloumi salad

Stuffed mushrooms with a big rocket, pear and Parmesan salad

mussie Tue 15-May-18 18:11:24

Thanks so much for all the suggestions! Baked fish with herbs and spices and mixed veg does sound delicious. And I've had those cous cous mixes a couple of times before, had forgotten they existed - will get some in the next shop!

I've never ventured into making middle eastern food, but of course their cuisine is perfect for hot weather. I'll have a browse of some recipes - thanks for the book recommendation @SergeantPfeffer. Quiches and frittatas also good ideas. DH is not too keen on eggs, but it's worth a shot at least once to see how it goes down. This will keep me going for ages, thanks again all!

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