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What can I serve with stroganoff?

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TellerTuesday4EVA Mon 14-May-18 19:30:37

I must of been on another planet when I did my meal planning this week....

Tonight we had teriyaki chicken with rice, Wednesday is paella & tomorrow is beef stroganoff which I usually serve with long grain & brown rice.

I don't fancy rice dishes 3 nights in a row but what else can I serve with the stroganoff tomorrow. DH said mash & Yorkshire puddings but that feels a bit wrong??

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Lunaballoon Mon 14-May-18 19:33:31

Tagliatelle or new potatoes?

DoubleNegativePanda Mon 14-May-18 19:34:41

In these parts stroganoff is always served over egg noodles, with some sort of veg on the side. Haricot vert, most likely. Although we'd go with the pedestrian name of "green beans" grin

MoMandaS Mon 14-May-18 19:35:12

Boiled potatoes? Or instead of stroganoff, make something else e.g. some sort of stew? that you can have with mash.

SamHeughansLeftEyebrow Mon 14-May-18 19:35:21

Isn't it traditionally served with pasta? I would use tagliatelle.

Or noodles? I could accept mash but not the Yorkshires with it.

MrsSchadenfreude Mon 14-May-18 19:36:17

Gnocchi. Tagliatelle. Mashed potato. Polenta.

TellerTuesday4EVA Mon 14-May-18 20:35:40

Thanks all, think we'll venture into the realms of new potatoes. DH isn't a pasta fan -that's possibly why I ended up doing it with rice to start with blush

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lastqueenofscotland Tue 15-May-18 06:41:09


glitterbiscuits Tue 15-May-18 06:50:18

Is cous cous too similar to rice?

Imchlibob Tue 15-May-18 07:32:26

Barley is good
Or with green veg and some garlic bread.
Sweet potato wedges.

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