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Help me put on a nice lunch for my friend.

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Happyland8 Sun 13-May-18 08:42:11

I have a good friend visiting tomorrow who I haven't seen for a long time. She's coming with her toddler son and baby. I said I'd make us lunch but the problem is, she's an amazing host. Makes beautiful pastries, always makes her own bread etc. I on the other hand, am pretty hopeless in the kitchen but want to offer something more than just a ham sandwich. Any ideas of a nice, easy lunch I can put on, suitable for kids and adults? Please help. Thank you smile

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JenBarber Sun 13-May-18 08:43:25

Quiche is awesome.

BrieAndChilli Sun 13-May-18 08:47:23

Roast a chicken,
Serve with new potatoes quiche, salad, cheese, pickles and crusty bread
Everyone can find something they like, easy to prep and simple.

AdaColeman Sun 13-May-18 08:58:51

If you can get to a supermarket, buy ready poached salmon slices, asparagus, new potatoes, salad ingredients, some good mayonnaise, cook the potatoes and the asparagus beforehand.
Put together a salmon salad, looks pretty and summery, and is easy, and most toddlers will eat fish.
Get some strawberries and cream or ice cream for pudding, or maybe a nice cake.
Have a lovely lunch with your friend! wine

Xiaoxiong Sun 13-May-18 13:57:34

I was going to suggest the same as Brie but even simpler - roast chicken, green salad (I like combining little gem lettuce, cuke, avo, pine nuts, feta cheese and dill and dressing with just olive oil, lemon and salt) , warm garlic baguette, aioli, cut-up peppers/cukes/cherry toms for the kids.

Then bring out a big bowl of strawberries or grapes and a piece of nice cheese.

You could even get a ready-roasted chicken tomorrow morning if your supermarket has them and serve at room temp. Doesn't have to be piping hot from the oven for lunch.

kateandme Sun 13-May-18 14:36:25

buy one of those already cooked chicken or chicken in a bag.serve with love French bagueete garlic bread.(you can also get those lovely garlic butter flatbreads.) big salad with all the gubbins in it.possibly a bean salad.(you can also buy lovely ready made up tins of 3 bean salad with vinaigrette.
make some salmon parcels.nest of noodles.spring onions,garlic bulb lemon slices and fillet of fish wrap in foil cook for ten.
some nice salmon with a flavoured butter.
soup and lovey breead roll.
go to supermarket by a nice loaf from the frsh isle.make some tuna mayo.chicken portions.salmon,pate.packet of deli meats to name a few ,have some doritos on the table to naice crips,lovely salad dressing.big salad.soe fresh fruit and mirangue nests and cream for pudding. or a apple lattice and ice cream. or a couple of cornettos depending on the weathersmile
chili and jackets.
chicken,sweet potato and pepper skewers with a salad or selection of veggies.
rice on pot.made and reheated.

GraceLeeper Tue 15-May-18 04:49:32

Roasted Chicken with potatoes would be great! Add also some finger foods for the kids. I'm sure she will like and appreciate it.

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