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Help! My chilli is too spicy

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Kraggle Sat 12-May-18 11:29:09

Hi I’m making chilli and of course I’ve added too much spice in to it.
I have plonked a peeled potato in the mix hoping to soak some of the spice up, I’ve added a little squirt of vinegar (but wasn’t sure how much I could add so it couldn’t be tasted) and an extra tin of tomato’s but it is still a little too spicy.
Could I stir some milk through now or when it’s cooked or would that be awful? I’ve got no cream of any sort unfortunately and only some granola split pot yogurts which could be re purposed I guess!

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TheWizardofWas Sat 12-May-18 11:30:53

Lemon juice works

Secretlifeofme Sat 12-May-18 11:32:46

You could add another tin of kidney beans and some more liquid?

Kraggle Sat 12-May-18 11:37:14

No more kidney beans and no lemon juice!

I’ve got the sleeping baby and no car today so can’t get to the shop either. And dh and dd are not back until tea time. I’m so annoyed at myself going all hung ho with the chilli powder, I should learn from past mistakes!

Maybe me and dh will be ok once we’ve got rice and cheese and nachos with it. Might make some cheesy pasta for dd and the baby instead!

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iloveredwine Sat 12-May-18 11:38:08

sour cream or yoghurt?

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