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Does anyone have a packet of Costco frozen beefburgers?

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JellySlice Fri 11-May-18 13:30:57

Large burgers that come in a cylindrical bag about 1' tall, IIRC. Probably Kirkland. Pretty sure that they cook from frozen.

The bag split as I was unloading my shopping a few weeks ago, so I transferred the burgers to freezer bags. I didn't label them, as it's quite obvious what the contents are. Neither did I think to label them with the cooking instructions!

So, if anyone has a packet of those burgers, and could post a photo of the instructions, I would be most grateful.

(PS Dinner's on me wink.)

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JellySlice Fri 11-May-18 14:53:16

Anyone? Please? I've people to feed tonight, and I don't want to poison them!

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LadyDeadpool Fri 11-May-18 14:56:19

this help? Everything I found online says cook from frozen.

Pippylou Fri 11-May-18 15:10:11

I cook Kirkland burgers often, don't have any instructions as I rebag into 2-person portions. I defrost them & cook them until they are well-cooked all the way through. 180/200 c, something like that.

I'm not one for instructions but haven't ever poisoned anyone. :-)

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